Assynt and Angling History

Fishing has been part and parcel of life in Assynt for millennia and recreational has been done here for centuries. There are written records of fishing dating back to John Home’s Survey of Assynt in 1774 (although this refers mostly to the herring fishing). Accounts of recreational angling exist as far back as the 1850s (at least) and there is a rich cultural history of angling, both within the local population and from the many visitors who have come to the area since the 1800s.

We have collated historical accounts, records and other artifacts relating to angling. Some of that is available online through the links below.

We are also keen to unearth new evidence, records and accounts of angling in Assynt. If you have anything - books, references, pictures, angling records or even memories - that relates to angling right up to the present day, we would love to here from you. Please contact us anglingresearch[at]substance.net.

Archive – angling records, leaflets and ancient maps of Assynt.

Film – clips of fly fishing and salmon net fishermen in the 1950s.

Literature – Read accounts of angling in Assynt as far back as 1850!

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