Trout Angling Permit Boundary Map

This map shows the boundaries for the different trout permits in Assynt - The Assynt Crofters Trust; the Assynt Angling Group East, West and South Zones; and Lagg Fishery. You can zoom in on the map in to see more detail. All permit information is available on the permit page. Whilst this is as accurate as we can make it with the given technology, it is always wise to check with permit providers.

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4 months ago
Anonymous said
Hi Ewan There aren't any online permits. However, if you ring the permit sellers they may be able to do something (no promises...
4 months ago
Ewan said
Hi I do a lot of cycling with the MTB in the hills and tracks & usually take a fly rod with me for a half hour or hour...
4 months ago
Tim Wilson said
Usually visit and fish in September but May this time proved more challenging.. Fished loch Beanoch from the boat. Caught...
Really enjoyable walk into the Bone Cave area with views all around - worth stopping every so often just to appreciate how...
5 months ago
admin said
Hi, Just to confirm this loch and the ones nearby are part of the Assynt Foundation's land and as such they fall under the...