Trout Angling Permit Boundary Map

This map shows the boundaries for the different trout permits in Assynt - The Assynt Crofters Trust; the Assynt Angling Group East, West and South Zones; and Lagg Fishery. You can zoom in on the map in to see more detail. All permit information is available on the permit page. Whilst this is as accurate as we can make it with the given technology, it is always wise to check with permit providers.

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9 hours ago
Adam said
Hi, It is indeed the case that fishing in the burn above the Glen Loch is reserved for local angling club members and the...
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Anonymous said
Hi That's a good question. I will ask and get back to you. Thanks. Hopefully updating it and improving it soon. Best...
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Assynt visitor said
Hi Adam, Thanks for maintaining such a useful website for visitors to Assynt.  A wee question please - is the burn above...
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Anonymous said
Hi Callum   Sorry for the delay in replying but we're in the process of transferring the site over.   June...
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Callum Parsons said
Hi Guys,   Looking for any tips/lochs for a farily new fly fisherman in the clachtoll area.   Any help/pointers...