Angling History Film

We have a number of clips of cine film taken by a regular visitor, Dr. William Eldridge, in the early 1950s (1953 we think). There are a few short clips of fly fishing, but also rare footage of the Salmon net fishermen at Clachtoll as well as the Assynt Games in Lochinver.

Angling Clip
Fishing ClipA short clip of a young visiting angler, Julian Eldridge, fishing at the top of the River Kirkaig as well as on Fionn Loch. This is followed by a clip of Jack Milne, a local schoolmaster in Stoer, fishing in Loch Cul Fraioch. Mr Milne was a renowned angler and teller of fishy tales! We don’t know of any other footage from this period, but if you do, please tell us.

Salmon Fishermen Clips 1 and 2
Salmon Fishermen 1These two clips show the salmon net fishermen who operated out of Clachtoll. Until relatively recently – the early 1980s - there were a number of crews of salmon fishermen operating under licence around the coast of Assynt. You can visit the Clachtoll salmon fishermen’s old bothy at Clahtoll beach, where there are other archive pictures.

Assynt Games Clip
Highland GamesThis clip shows the Assynt Games of 1953, including races and caber tossing. Highly entertaining! (The footage is the wrong way around, i.e. a mirror image - we’re trying to fix it!)

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