Assynt Overview


Assynt is a remote rural area of some 475km2 in Sutherland, North West Scotland. Its principal town is Lochinver, and comprises a series of small hamlets or townships. Assynt’s landscape is characterised by several hundred lochs, lochans, rivers and burns set amongst a spectacular mountain terrain and bounded by a rugged coastline.

The area has an extremely rich and diverse angling offer including:

You can find out more about each of these on this website including interactive maps that allow you to get detailed information as well as record your comments. If you go fishing in Assynt, please leave your comment.

You can find out more information about the background to angling in Assynt as well as read researcg reports here: Assynt Research Reports

Wild Brown Trout Angling

The hundreds of lochs offer some of the finest wild brown trout angling in Europe. There are two main groups offering trout angling in Assynt: the Assynt Crofters' Trust and the Assynt Angling Group. To see the lochs for each group click the links below. To find out more about each group, go to their home pages.

Assynt Crofters' Trust - Places to Fish

Assynt Angling Group - Places to Fish

Salmon and Sea Trout Angling

The area is also well known for its salmon and sea trout fishing in both rivers and lochs.


The River Inver and the River Kirkaig are the principal salmon and sea trout rivers. Fishing is owned by the Assynt Estate and administered by CKD Galbraith.

The Assynt Angling Club also has fishing in the estuary of the River Inver available to visitors. Permits cost £10 and are available from the Lochinver Post Office.


The Assynt Crofters’ Trust and the Assynt Angling Group offer some fishing for salmon and sea trout on their lochs. Follow this link to Salmon and Sea Trout lochs.

Sea Fishing

Assynt also offers sea fishing from its numerous beaches and rocky coastline. Some boats take anglers out from Lochinver harbour. Go to the Sea Fishing page for more information and interactive map.

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Fished this loch today. I couldn't find any paths up to the Loch online or on maps so followed the wee stream up, nice waterfalls...
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Putting this here even though I didn't actually make it to Fada. A later than planned start coupled with the burn flowing...
Headed straight for the hill lochs from the A837. Very foggy in the morning and a decent westerly gusting over 30mph. Caught...
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Spent the morning and most of the afternoon drifting between the islands on the 'first half' of the loch. Decent breeze with...