Loch an Ordain

An easily accessible roadside loch, it has lots of small trout. Casting can be tricky as the bank is steep in places and it can get very reedy in later months.

The small unnamed lochan to the north (NC067264) is worth atrying, reputedly holding some larger fish.

OS Grid: NC065260
Decimal: 58.180262, -5.292559
Degrees: 58° 10' 48.9432'' N, 5° 17' 33.2124'' W
Fishing details: Assynt Crofters' Trust
Permit details: £10/day, £30/week from from usual outlets
Angling Groups: Assynt Crofters' Trust;


Please tell us about your experience of fishing at this loch. This will help other anglers as well as local angling groups.

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  • Anything other anglers should be aware of - access, reeded up waters, difficulties etc.

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12 years ago
Anonymous said
I have stayed for a week at a nearby cottage at the beginning of September (in 2009, 2010 and 2011), so Loch an Ordain was a venue for an odd hour's fishing with a light telescopic fly rod at the end of the day on several occasions. I have noticed in other lochs that the stock of small trout has been greatly reduced over the past two years (2010 and 2011), and I suspect the two harsh winters is to blame. But Loch an Ordain still has a good head of small fish. Choose your spot according to the wind - but I usually end up on the far bank at the north end. And try a variety of flies - one evening this year they were interested in black and red bushy flies, and woudn't look near an invicta, then a few days later, they couldn't get enough of an invicta! Fish with a light rod and debarbed hooks - and you'll have some fun. But don't expect a fish for the pan.
12 years ago
Anonymous said
We're reposting this to the Loch an Tuirc page - thanks for your really helpful comments.

We have actually provided a walking route and map which follows the route you suggest (the button on the right) but had failed to amend the main page directions, which we will now do.

All ACT boat locations now have maps and directions provided by clicking the 'Boat Locations and Walking Route' button in the right hand column of the relevant page.

Thanks again.
12 years ago
Anonymous said