Great Sport

2 months ago
John Burdett said

Hi all,

A couple of great afternoon sessions on Loch Drumbeg from the bank. A few fish rising to a small hatch of fly on a chilly day with a light breeze. Great midge free early season conditions. Had five fish including one real beauty at just over two pounds. Others around 6 to 8 ounces but all in fine condition.

Fishing a small green nymph with a gold bead head and also a wet March Brown fly. Tried spinning a small Mepps to get more distance from the bank and has a good take but didn't land the fish.

Also fished the lochs on the Peat Road walk from Drumbeg. Drizzly conditions but nice lochs to fish and not far to hike. Drumbeg Loch is right by the road so very accessible to those who can't hike. Tickets available from the Drumbeg store.

The fishing on offer from the Assynt Crofters' Trust is really exceptional value on either a daily, weekly or seasonal ticket. You could spend months here and not fish the same water twice.


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