May 2023

1 year ago
Tim Wilson said

Usually visit and fish in September but May this time proved more challenging..

Fished loch Beanoch from the boat. Caught 12 fish, nothing over 1lb water still cold and strong breeze. No sign of rising fish but they still came up to a team of claret bumble muddler, bio and Connemara black which all took fish.

Also saw a golden eagle cruise overhead.

Short evening session (due to flat tyre and rain most of the day) on school loch, slight breeze and sunny, only saw a couple of fish rise. Same team tempted 7 fish up. Kept one for supper. 

Walked up to Loch Fionn and fished western end in the late afternoon from bank. Caught 5 on same team with only a few fish showing and some very close in which swam out of the stones as I walked along. Water level very low for this time of year! 

The orchids, bluebells and gorse in full bloom at this time of year are a true spectacle. There's so much more to fishing than just fishing.

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