Lochan an Ais

1 year ago
Richard said

I'd also be interested in this. The bounderies map on this site show this as AAG eastern zone which extends as far south as Drumrunie (https://www.assyntanglinginfo.org.uk/boundary-map). The AAG map on their site doesn't include this section - perhaps one is out of date? I looked for a contact email for AAG to ask the question but can't find one.

Any help appreciated and thanks for the effort in putting this resource together.


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1 year ago
admin said


Just to confirm this loch and the ones nearby are part of the Assynt Foundation's land and as such they fall under the Assynt Angling Group South Zone permit. So you can fish them if you either have an AAG South day permit or an AAG roving/season permit.

Some slight adjustments are needed to our boundary map which will be done anon.


Hope that helps, thanks