Hill Lochs and down again 08/07

1 month ago
Anonymous said

Headed straight for the hill lochs from the A837. Very foggy in the morning and a decent westerly gusting over 30mph. Caught plenty in all of the hill lochs, maybe a couple pushing 1/2lb but lots of smalls also. Wets were on green tailed Kates, black Dabblers, claret Muddlers.

Going down the hill to Loch Na Saighe Duibhe, got some respite from the wind and took a good amount on an Elk Caddis pattern. Wets above also doing well and fish were generally 3 to the lb with the odd one pushing 1/2lb

Further down the hill to Gruagaich, couple on the dries but the fish a bit more tricky to bring up than on Saighe Duibhe. Wets were the firm favourite here - similar mix of patterns as above and the fish were generally the same size.




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