Don't give up on Awe

2 years ago
Anonymous said
The day hadn't started too well. By lunchtime I had had three trout, best about 6oz. A second boat with three anglers had also taken three but all within the first hour. A stiff breeze had got up and they decided it wasn't going to be their day and were going to find something better to do with their afternoon. I had a rethink and tied on about 25 yards of nylon to the fly line. To the business end I attached a size 12 sedgehog. With my makeshift dapping setup, I lined up a drift between the islands. The wind strengthened and I was able to get the sedgehog a respectable distance from the boat. The first drift resulted in an unsuspecting trout making what might have been, at the hands of another angler, a fatal error. By time to leave time, I had taken an additional 8 fish, resulting in a total of a dozen with the best just shy of 3/4lb. The fish are most definitely in Loch Awe, all you have to do is work out how to get them out! As a footnote, on a subsequent visit, both my fishing companion and myself contacted salmon between the inlet and exit burns!!

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