8 years ago
Anonymous said
I fished here for the first time in 1980.Back then you could pitch a tent on the grassy bank of the Kirkaig by the road. Permission from the now derelict bothy downstream,I think the price was £1 a day.
Returned every year till about 1988.The fishing on Fionn was always great,baskets of 12 or more.The best was in April 1984.27 trout.
Sorry to say,the big fish I caught that year was spinning with an old Quill Minnow.A lovely cock fish at about 6 lbs,which was returned.
I returned again in 2014 and found that the only thing changed in appearance was me,all exactly as it was,including the fishing.
I was back last year and hopefully returning again in June,while I'm still fit for the walk.
Past 2 years I have used the boat with its mercurial engine.Interesting.
Any traditional patterns work well here but Muddlers/Sedges seem to get the bigger fish.

Thanks to Peter at Lochinver for all his time and dedication.

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