Brown trout lochs around Achiltibuie and Elphin

Been fishing this area for about 20yrs the Cam Loch and the Veyatie fish best in May, June and September - if you want excellent brown trout fishing April, May and June there are four lochs near Achiltibuie and they are all at the roadside before l mention them people think they have to hike 4/5 miles into the hills to pick up decent trout when they are available at the roadside - they are Loch Vattican, Loch Raa and the two lochs that sit together Old Dornie harbour and if you want trout about a pound and half - look up on the hill above Loch Vattican next to the mast there are two one of them is Loch Na-Beastie the other is Loch Dubh - if you take a short drive from Loch Vattican to the cairn above Port Bheag chalets you will see a loch about thirty mins walk called Loch Taig (youu will get a permit from Badentarbert Lodge or thhe craft shop in Polbain. Just back from a weeks fishing in June went to Badentarbert lodge for permit when he took the book out my name was the last entry from the previous year! - no poachers - six of us caught around 200 brown trout between us all returned - except a few for breakfast! Looking forward to returning in September to fish the Cam and Veyatie.

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