Loch Mhoalach-coire (‘Loch Gillaroo’)

13 years ago
Anonymous said
Had a nice afternoon's fishing on this loch. A SWS wind favoured fishing a large area of the loch and the trout were to be found all around. With an average of about 6 or 7 ounces I had 15 in total the best two being about half a pound each. The trout seemed fairly catholic in their tastes and I caught them on a variety of flies. Due to the clear and very shallow nature of the water it really is necessary to approach this water quietly. Many of the fish are to be found close to the edge, but spook easily. I fished very light weight, 4/5 wt rod with a DT3 floating line. I also kept it to one fly on a 12ft leader for the most part, which seemd to go well with the water. Most fish were caught on size 12s from claret buzzers fished static to slow, traditional wets and deer hair based dries. A really nice loch to fish as the setting is stunning.

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