Fionn Loch

12 years ago
Anonymous said
I visited this breathtakingly beautiful loch 5th-6th of July 2012, taking a one-man tent and camping overnight. There is a perfect spot on the south-western shore close to the place the boat lies. The two days I was there the conditions were not ideal for bank fishing, with a half-gale easterly the first day and variable airs/flat calms the second. Nonetheless I caught a great many trout, averaging perhaps 8 oz, the biggest about a pound. All were returned. I fished dry fly mainly; Claret Half-hog, Bibio, Grey Duster, Adams, Claret Hopper. All were enthusiastically accepted, but especially the first-named. In the flat calms I saw some very large trout head-and-tailing beyond casting range! Waders would have helped me fish parts of the north-eastern shore, but there are plenty of places where they are unnecessary on this loch. Two boat anglers were there the first day and had fish to 2.5 lbs, and next time I visit I will book the boat too.

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