Sometimes it's just worth a go!

10 years ago
Anonymous said
Friday 16th Sept. Tonight proved that sometimes it's just worth a punt even in the most unlikely conditions. Had a couple of hours from about 6pm and nearly didn't bother as the wind and rain lashed against the car windscreen. Wandered up to Cul Fraioch from the Raffin side and fished the south shore. Tricky casting in strong gusty winds, cold and darkening skies. But a belting two hours fishing!

6 caught all around the pound mark (kept one for the table as these trout taste great and clearly a very healthy population in here). Five caught on a small bibio-like muddler on the point wobbled through the waves on a figure of 8. Moved every few casts and nothing for the first half hour... then regular powerful takes. Probably just as well as it pretty tricky to see the fly in the gloom - one fish appeared to jump right out of the water and dive down onto the fly. Sometimes they do give you a hand!

It was a bit of a tatty fly anyway and was really coming to bits after 5 fish had chewed it but this may have helped - it looked more like a hopper by the end the amount of 'legs' trailing a wake. One on middle dropper claret bumble.

Given how tricky this loch can be to fish, this was probably the most productive two hours ever had here. A great way to end the season.

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