Inver salmon in July

12 years ago
Anonymous said
Good news! I fished the upper Inver in the second week of July (2011). Saw nothing in the top pool immediately below Loch Assynt, but a bit lower I counted six clear sights of salmon in pools throughout the day. From "fins sticking out" splashing In the shallows to jumping/ "porpoising" if that is a correct term. This was about 2 days after a small spate; I failed to connect with a late evening take - guessed at 8-10 pounds. I did land a smart sea trout of around 2 pounds, taken from the same top beat in the sunny afternoon on a small tube fly (and several gallant brown trout - all returned). The river height and flow was a bit less in the evening and midges were not too bad due to easterly breeze. Adrian Jones

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