Assynt Angling Group, Southern Zone

Fionn Loch

Set in spectacular scenery at the foot of Suilven and at the top of the River Kirkaig, this 3.5km long loch holds a superb head of brown trout with pink flesh and arctic char. Good numbers of bigger than average trout taken with a few real lunkers taken each season.

Loch a Choin (The Dog Loch)

On the 'mad wee road' south from Lochinver, this is in easy reach of the road. Not many, but excellent quality trout reside here in clear water. 2.5lbs is a nice fish but there are much bigger fish undoubtedly about.

Loch a Ghlinnen

A beautiful loch en route to Loch Feith an Leothaid, Ghlinnen is home to a robust population of beautifully marked, hard fighting, pink fleshed, wild trout. There are some good trout lurking in the clear waters of this loch so always be prepared!

Loch an Alltain Duibh

Small loch on the river below Suileag Bothy. Plenty of small brown trout that respond well to a dry fly.

N.B. This loch added by site user.

Loch an Arbhair

Boat available at: 078187

Loch Bad an Sluic

Assynt Angling Group Southern Zone

Small loch reachable by following the track from Loch Druim Suardalain up
the hill behind Suileag bothy; or from the north by walking up from Little
Assynt, via Loch an Leothaid and Loch Crom. 

Good population of wild brown trout mainly up to 1/2lb.

Boat available at 150217.

Loch Bad na Murichinn

Directions: Head south out of Lochinver on the unmarked road toward Inverkirkaig. Once past Badnaban, park where the road turns a sharp right on a flat plateau and follow the burn up the gulley to Loch Bad na Murichinn (also known as the Children's Loch). It takes between 15-30 minutes, depending on your speed.

There is a boat available which helps to explore the wooded southern shoreline as well as making it easier to cover the large water.

- Family Loch

Loch Culag (The School Loch)

Boat ONLY  fishing, located at NC097218

Next to the road just south of Lochinver and home to the local school, Culag has both plenty of hard fighting trout and also migrating salmon and sea trout. Boat only fishing.

Loch Druim Suardalain (The Glen Loch)

Boat ONLY at NC109218.

Easily accessed from Lochinver and a very attractive water with Canisp and Suilven in the background, the Geln Loch has lots of average trout but also salmon and sea trout later in the season.

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