Lochan a Choire Ghuirm (Green Corrie Lochs)

Trout Fishing in Assynt - book cover

This is one of the lochs featured in a new book - Trout Fishing in Assynt: A Guide to 30 lochs - which gives you the best, local expert advice there is about fishing this loch. The booklet, which helps fund local angling, is available from Inverbank Newsagents, Lochinver.

One of the most renowned lochs in Assynt set in spectacular scenery, at 550m this is a stiff walk even for the fit. However, it can be worth the walk as the average size in this loch is very good indeed and there are much bigger ones in there too!


OS Grid: NC263267
Decimal: 58.194780, -4.956885
Degrees: 58° 11' 41.208" N, 4° 57' 24.786" W
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets

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Small hill lochs

In recent years due to the book and other irresponsible publicity, some of the small hill lochs are being put under a lot of pressure. I have been fishing the area for over 25 years and an important part of the respect that you develop for the area and fish is the hard work in figuring it out for yourself. Those who are attracted to easy answers are less likely to have that respect. For many years I rarely encountered people. In 2012 I visited various lochs in June and saw unprecedented numbers of people. On one small hill loch when I arrived there were 4 anglers there. While I was fishing 2 more arrived. 2 left and I left after returning the fish I caught. As I walked down I encountered 3 more going up to the same small loch. Sorry but it is starting to get ridiculous. Speaking to other long term regulars in the hotel there was considerable unease about what is going on and the effect it can have on small lochs. If the book had to be written it would have been better to focus on larger lochs which arguably could benefit from some pressure and then left small hill lochs for those who are committed and develop care and respect for the area from hard work and experience.

small hill lochs

By concentrating too much attention on a small number of lochs ,Cathel's book has damaged the very thing that he sought to promote.
Like you I have spent 30+ years hiking out to remote lochs and figuring it out for myself and only sharing the information with a few trustworthy friends.
Be reassured that there are many other lochs out there,several of them rarely fished,containing some magnificent fish.
You will probably have fished some of them yourself.

Red and Green corries lochs

These corrie lochs seem to be hard to fish, indeed. I was there on the 20th of july. I began with Loch a Choire Dheirg (Red corrie), where I caught one 2/3 lb trout, and walked then around the edge to the Green Corrie. I first tried with dry fly, then with wet flies: nothing. I went on the small island to cover a larger place. Not a rise. Then, I headed to the Little Green. All the same. Not a rise on the surface. But, again, not a fisherman to see... Jérôme D.

Planning a trip to Green Corrie Lochs

Inspired by the book and and the TV documentary with Billy Connelly and Ally Bain I am planning a trip/hike this summer to fish the Green Corrie Lochs.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated from those familair with these waters?

Thanks, Colin

Green Corrie

Best way up with a difference is to go straight to red corrie up the gully and fish that for an hour but when you get to the far bank go straight up the steep slope which is covered in some grass and then gets a little rough on the top. Once on the top the scenery is amazing with Ben More Assynt to the west. Head west and see the green corrie from the ridge and it is a steady walk down to the bank-simple! Go on a Sunday when there is no Inchnadamph fishers about so generally quieter. what ever they say there is still plenty of huge fish in here but difficult to bring to the surface, some great hatches- have fun Graham W

RE. Planning a trip to Green Corrie Lochs

Fished it a couple of years ago before the hype, thankfully! It seems to have become a lot busier of late, two of us spent the whole day fishing for one lovely green coloured 3/4lb trout. Fished the lochs in this area for a while and its certainly a challenge don’t expect a big bag or even a fish but if you do get one make sure its returned as these small waters cannot support heavy fishing pressure which this loch has experienced over the last couple of seasons and will again this year I suspect.
As for flies searched the water with wets but trout finally came to a hopper fished static. Good advice in Cathel's book.
Best of luck

It has to be dry.

I've been up to the loch twice now and have not blanked yet!


My main advice would be fish something big and dry on the surface and leave it a good long while.

10 June

Lovely day around the Green Corrie Lochs - a bit too lovely as the bright sun and slight easterly breeze made it hard work attracting the occasional feeder despite numerous hatching flies. Green Corrie is too small for two parties to fish at once; felt rather pushed off half way through afternoon and retreated to Little Green. A great walk, though boots fell apart on descent

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