Loch Beannach

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Boats (2) available at NC141262.

Beannach is an easy 25 minute walk and has a vast population of wild brown trout, but also arctic char and a few salmon and sea trout - although neither of the latter have been reported caught in recent years.


OS Grid: NC140265
Decimal: 58.187971, -5.165633
Degrees: 58° 11' 16.6956" N, 5° 9' 56.2788" W
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets

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Half a dozen up to 1/2 pound

Fished here today for a couple of hours. Nice setting, but you'll generally need to stick to the swims close to the path unless you want ticks, as the heather is waist height. The other side is tree lined and looks even less accessible. A few trout of half a pound, the rest were 1/4 pound. All fell to Invicta. I had a muddler dropper on but no takes on that.

Tuesday 19th July 2016

Despite it being one of the hottest days of the year with the sun beating down, there were still fish to be caught albeit mainly small. Fishing from the bank I managed 2 at the pound mark, about 12 small ones but must have missed 30 as they were taking very gently. Despite hot weather there was sufficient breeze at times to give a good ripple. Not a huge number of rises to surface flies. Think the mayfly hatch might be more or less over as only saw a couple plus one spent one. Tiny spiders worked best for me.

Met a lovely couple fishing from the boat, very courteous asking if I didn't mind them landing near to where I was fishing for their lunch.

As usual a big thanks to Assynt Angling for allowing visitors to fish.
Malc (Inverness)


Was a super day and was very nice to meet you we enjoyed our lunch

Fishing Beannach

Fished here on 17/8/2015

Well worth the easy walk to get to this loch. Very picturesque, with bays and wooded islands going in every direction. We were a party of 4 using the 2 boats here. Quite a few fish caught but not a single "keeper" between them. Conditions didn't help as we started with a very bright and hot sun and flat calm to bright sun and wind. The wind was not excessive but the plastic Pioneer boats used on most of the waters around here are virtually keel-less and shoot across the surface with little wind effort. This makes fishing your flies at a decent speed pretty difficult and due to the shape of the loch a drogue would be a pain due to the shortness of drift. We were told at the end of our fishing trip that a boat was having to be recovered from the far end of the loch as the customer was unable to row it back to the mooring due to the wind......so be warned!

We all agreed that the loch is very beautiful but I'm not sure if we will make future trips to Beannach again, the fish size was just too small to keep us interested.

Fishing Beannach July 12th 2013

I noticed that not many fishermen (or women) had posted comments & as someone who was an Assynt virgin I had scoured this site for clues leading up to 'the lads annual fishing weekend'; so for what it's worth here are mine! 3 of us fished Beannach on Friday, Thursday had been blue sky & 20 degrees but Friday was cloudy & barely 14. We took the belly boat which became a blessing because only 4 fish were caught from the bank, However; 14 fish came from the belly boat including a double hook up of an 11" fish & 7" together. Very exciting! Killing flies were Kate McKlaren, Gold muddler, & grenadier. Caught quite a few fish whilst finning back up the loch with the flies left out! I suppose this is manual trolling, which I'm unsure whether's legal but was immense fun & as all fish were returned so it couldn't be that bad! Beautiful loch with only one other fisher who was using the boat at the far end so was no concern to us. Left early to fish Lochh Uid na Gedaig due to the poor bank fishing (or fishermen) on Beannach.

Loch Beannach May 19th 2012

Fished Beannach in a cold north easterly but fish willing to rise to Pennels and Kate McLarens. A lovely bit of water

Fished on Monday 28th June 2010 ( 4 anglers +2 novices)

Everybody in the party caught fish the more experienced anglers averaging half a dozen or so. Sizes ranged from 4 oz to one of just over the pound. Bob Wyatt's great northern trout fly did some damage as well as a doobry. Very pleasant day with good bank fishing.

Loch Beannach: 21 September 2009

Another day of equinoctial south-westerly gales and lashing drizzle, but not enough to deter us from a walk over the bogs to Loch Beannach in search of those arctic char. Casting direction from the bank was effectively dictated by the weather, but we'd chosen this loch for its orientation to the wind and road, so all was well!

Result: 5 brown trout, all 6" - 8", all caught and released on a reddish Wyatt-pattern deer hair sedge.

Possibly also a sighting of a sea eagle in the very far distance, and when the mizzle lifted for just a moment, an awe-inspiring glimpse of Suilven off to the south.


Fishing Beannach August 10th 2009

Fished here on August 10th 2009 and had a pleasant few hours. Light variable winds (SW~NW) and kept the boat around the islands on the east side. Bright clear sunny sky made the fish a bit shy but moving into the shade soon brought some action. About 8 fish (all returned) with a couple at the pound mark.

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