Cam Loch

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This is a large and easily accessible loch on the left of the A835 road from Ullapool, just before the Ledmore Junction. Lots of trout in here, mostly average in size with some larger specimens; also has char and ferox.


OS Grid: NC210135
Decimal: 58.074270, -5.036805
Degrees: 58° 4' 27.372" N, 5° 2' 12.498" W
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets

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loch cam

got myself 3 big 5lb from here realy good on float and worms

loch cam

You're not allowed to fish with worms on Cam (or anywhere). It is fly, or trolling from a boat, only.

Loch Cam Loch Urigill

I am planning a trip to fish these lochs.I first learnt to fly fish some 20 years ago with friends on Loch Veyatie.can i get tickets and book a boat for myself only on theses lochs and where best to get permits.I will be camping in campsites.Will be heading up there this weds/thurs from Skye.

Any info much appreciated


Loch CamLoch Urigill

Hi Simon

All the info about which permits are here:

and here

You will need am Eastern Zone Assynt Angling Group permit for Cam.

Urigill is with the Oykell Bridge Hotel I think (outside the Assynt area):

Hope that helps

Cam Loch 6-Sep-15

Had planned walking over the hills to Fada but the weather miserable, hills shrouded in mist and constant rain so played safe and stuck to Cam. Fished it from the boats at the Cemetery around to the river inlet, difficult conditions and only had 3 small fish - all at the river inlet which was sheltered. Find this a very dour loch.
Is Inchnadamph hotel closed? Drove up there to gate a ticket, no cars or signs of life and doors locked. Got a permit at the Altnacealgach Hotel from the helpful woman there.

6-Apr-14 Cam Loch

Fished the north-west shore (starting from where the path heads up towards Fada) in very windy conditions with some heavy rain making fishing impossible at times. Gave up after 3hrs.
Just 3 small but pretty fish, taken on a silver march brown.

Hands-up, I didn't have a ticket! I drove to Inchnadamph hotel as I normally do to get a day ticket, but it was closed-up (out of season?). I then drove into Lochinver and went to the fancy hotel up on the hill to be told "We haven't been given any ticket books yet". I didn't know where else to try and had already wasted enough of my day!

Cam Loch permits


It's a shame you had problems getting permits but details on where you can buy permits are on this site are available here:

Brown trout lochs around Achiltibuie and Elphin

Been fishing this area for about 20yrs the Cam Loch and the Veyatie fish best in May, June and September - if you want excellent brown trout fishing April, May and June there are four lochs near Achiltibuie and they are all at the roadside before l mention them people think they have to hike 4/5 miles into the hills to pick up decent trout when they are available at the roadside - they are Loch Vattican, Loch Raa and the two lochs that sit together Old Dornie harbour and if you want trout about a pound and half - look up on the hill above Loch Vattican next to the mast there are two one of them is Loch Na-Beastie the other is Loch Dubh - if you take a short drive from Loch Vattican to the cairn above Port Bheag chalets you will see a loch about thirty mins walk called Loch Taig (youu will get a permit from Badentarbert Lodge or thhe craft shop in Polbain. Just back from a weeks fishing in June went to Badentarbert lodge for permit when he took the book out my name was the last entry from the previous year! - no poachers - six of us caught around 200 brown trout between us all returned - except a few for breakfast! Looking forward to returning in September to fish the Cam and Veyatie.

"Poachers" on Cam Loch ?

I confirm what Stuart Taylor wrote in his 30th of June post : heading to some lochan between Cam Loch and Loch Veyatie one sunday morning of May 2013, around, I saw on the opposite bank of the first bay of Cam Loch when coming from the road, three folks fishing with static lines. I could see them well with my binoculars, but I was too far to speak with them. One comment of June 2011 had already pointed the problem, I see. I think the Assynt Angling Group should be vigilant with that.

By the way, that day, after a long walk along Cam Loch, II fished Lochan Nigheadh. Looked good, even if I haven't seen any fish moving, but I totally blanked. Would be very glad to read reports of -hopefully successful...- fishermen on that loch...

Jérôme D.


Fished Cam Loch for the first time, warm and blustery Saturday afternoon. Bank only, around the South end. Caught/returned about a dozen, biggest about a half pound, all beautifully marked with quite some differences.
Mostly on a dry mini daddy (fished wet) which was the nearest I had to some brown flies (sorry I'm no entomologist!) that were being consumed as soon as they hit the water.
Had planned a couple of casts on Veyatie but ran out of time, had several casts on the little connecting burn and had 2 on the same cast!

Walked past the Elphin Hatchery, what do they do there exactly?

Lots of bird-life.
Disappointed to see the calling card of a fishmonger, ie a pile of nylon lying on bank with hook & shrivelled worm still attached. Disposed of this.

Stuart Taylor

Loch Cam on May 20th 2012

Fished west end of loch 11-5 in a breeze that during the day shifted through 180 degrees and back again. Prolific bursts of sport in places with 2 double hook ups to black pennels and kate mclarens. I've never seen so many Cuckoos either....hugely enjoyable although the Inchnadamph boat took some finding..

Static Line Fishing on Cam Loch

Fished here on 11th June, started off with a lovely sunny day then soon turned into pouring rain and wind. Caught 6 very small fish all from the bank.
Quite shocked to discover two people fishing static lines from the bank, both with 5 rods each!! They looked just like course fishermen. They hadn’t caught anything, so that was a blessing and soon disappeared when the rain came down.
Been fishing around the area for 25 years and you do expect to see the odd person spinning, but never seen anyone with 5 rods out all at the same time.

Cam loch water level

Fished the Assynt lochs from the Cam Loch through to Loch na Gruagaich. Bank fishing only. Two grand sunny days in June. Just back. Lots of small trout and 4 large enough to keep.
The Cam Loch was not 'right' - the water level was about 4 feet down and it was more like a reservoir than a natural loch . It just did not fish properly. The other lochs were fine, especially Loch Fada

Cam Loch

Odd, that previous comment. Plenty of water going over the outlet waterfall on June 10th, (2010) and presumably the waterfall is what determines the water height. Or is there a hidden draw-off sluice? Yes, there were plenty of exposed rocks on the banks but I wouldn't have said that the water level was low. That said, I hadn't fished the Cam Loch previously so I have nothing to compare it with.

Fishing was good though. Despite the pesky northerly wind there were sporadic huge insect hatches during the lulls, after which the trout would take anything thrown at them.

David Wood

9 June

Blustery day fishing Loch an Chroisig (in Glen Canisp) and Cam catching lots and lots of little fish. Saw curlews and an eagle (maybe).

Loch Cam on September 17th

We fished 2 rods from a boat on a blustery day with showers, bright spells but mostly overcast and quite cold. We caught 19 fish, mainly small and all were safely returned to the loch. Most fish caught on dark flies with Peter Ross and Muddler particularly successful. Most fish caught close to the islands and in shallow bays. Last drift home produced 7 fish out of one long bay. Having a drogue and an outboard engine made a huge difference.

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