Clashnessie Bay

A red snadstone beach, rather than the gleaming white of other bays, Clashnessie is a very picturesque location.


OS Grid: NC057310
Decimal: 58.224743, -5.310313
Degrees: 58° 13' 29.0748" N, 5° 18' 37.1268" W

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Fishing Clashnessie

Last three summers have fished Clashnessie bay by kayack launched from beach. Good size mackeral not far out at all, plenty of small coalfish as well. Moving round to west where the cliffs begin pollack to about 5 lbs. Also a little off those cliffs small ling, plaice and tub gurnard. Sea state critical for it to be safe but seems suprisingly settled 4/5 the time in summer at least.