Clachtoll Bay

Access through the Clachtoll Beach Campssite and you can fish all around the bay. Reports in recent years of sea bass being caught from the beach itself and the rocks to the north/right; also pollack and mackerel in season.


OS Grid: NC040272
Decimal: 58.189918, -5.336004
Degrees: 58° 11' 23.7048" N, 5° 20' 9.6144" W

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Plenty of Pollock

Have fished around the rocks to the north of the bay several times in the past and have caught plenty of pollock. Last June I induced a follow from the biggest pollock I have ever set eyes on right under my feet it came up out of 20 feet of water but sadly decided not to bother with my Bridun Lance! Also caught pollock in the 2-3lb range from rock ledges to the south of the bay at low water.