Loch Uidh na Geadaig

Directions: Park by the river at NC143253 and head north across the road. Lots of small fish and can be the start of a walk onto Loch Beannach (which is best fished from a boat) and/or Loch Bad nan Aighean.

Accessibility - Family Loch
It is a short walk and across fairly flat land (a rarity for Assynt!). It can get boggy in places in wet weather but it is an easy and safe loch to get too. It has lots of small fish and easy for children to fish.


OS Grid: NC143256
Decimal: 58.180026, -5.159822
Degrees: 58° 10' 48.0936" N, 5° 9' 35.3592" W
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets


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Great wee loch for dry flies

Fished this in mid July 2013 on a very sunny day. Tried nymphs but no takes. Changed to dries and started tempting the fish to the surface. Best fly was a ginked-up bibio. Caught about a dozen on the dry bibio and all were in the 6oz range. Didnt see another soul all day which is amazing considering this loch is a 5 minute walk from the car park. I think this is a great wee loch and is a perfect place to bring my 10 year old son as he is just learning how to fly fish at the moment.

Don't try to pronounce the name!

Fished Uidh Na Gedaig late on Friday 12th July '13. Supposedly this loch has lots of small fish that are easy to catch. However; to begin with struggled to catch anything. But after a while we started picking up fish & they were quite small in the 4-6" bracket. Noticed fish were more up in the water so I ginked up my grenadier & started picking up better fish 8" upwards. Had one about 10" then the next fish that I connected with was much bigger & I ended up losing him in the weeds. I suspect he was well over a pound but that will be yet another fish that I can ponder for the rest of my life. Ironically the wind, which is supposed to be your friend up this way (or so I read) actually switched the fishing off. Up to the point the wind picked up I'd probably had 9 fish in just over an hour & my other 2 colleagues had several fish themselves, but once the wind got up that was the end of fishing even below the surface. Though it's only less than a mile from the road it still seems remote & we saw no other anglers which just goes to show you don't have to yomp for miles to get the solitude.

The Grilse Loch

Spent a lovely sunny late afternoon/evening with small but beautifully formed bownies coming to the fly, despite very bright sun. Dries worked best, and anything with orange in it! This loch has a boat now, which this site doesn't say, available from Peter Hendrich.

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