Loch nam Meallan Liatha

This is a steep walk up the northern edge of Meallan Liath Beag heading west from the parking bay on the A837 at NC248200.

Fishing in spectacular scenery set at the foot of Canisp's north eastern edge, make sure to also take in Loch Dubh Meallan Mhurchaidh and Loch na Faoileige.

Rarely fished, all contain hard fighting, beautiful mountain trout and although finding larger fish can be hard work, they are there.


OS Grid: NC222200
Decimal: 58.133053, -5.021423
Degrees: 58° 7' 58.9908" N, 5° 1' 17.1228" W
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets


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Loch nam Meallan Liatha and Dubh Meallan Mhurchaidh - June

It certainly is a steep walk and is worth making a whole day, rather than setting off at half 2 in the afternoon as we did! Also the footbridge which is on my paper OS map (but not this digital version) doesn't appear to be there so you need to pick your spot crossing Loanan, or park further up and walk back down.

Loch nam Meallan Liatha is teeming with fish, which are beautifully spotted but are small, even for Assynt! The term 'come readily to the fly' doesn't quite do justice to it - we had barely a cast without at least a take and got two on the line several times.

Moved on up to Loch Dubh Meallan Mhurchaidh where the trout are larger although nothing much over half a pound and more wary. Again, stuinningly beautiful trout. We ran out of time to go to Loch na Faoileige as the weather closed in.

A dramatic setting for mountain fishing and great views on the way down, but don't expect any giants.

Loch na Faoileige

I spent all the day of the 22th of july in these lochs. I began with Loch na Beine Reidhe in the morning (very big lough, I just caught one 2/3 of a pound trout with a dry Grey Adams), then move over the edge to Loch Dubh Meallan Mhurchaidh (evident walk by clear weather, even if you have to go down and up the small Feith an Leothaid glen), where small fishes were rising everywhere and then to Loch na Faoilege, the most interesting of all, I think. There, I caught around ten trouts, around half a pound, maybe one or two a littlé bigger, all with dry fly and all released. Very secluded place, but compare to many other mountain lochs of Assynt I fished last week, I haven't caught any fish bigger than a pound.
By the way, I'm wondering if there is any fisherman in Assynt?! I've been, in the last seven days, in more than twenty lochs, most of them around two hours of walk from the first car park, and I haven't met ONE fisherman. But lot of deers and, sometimes, very nice trouts... But, alas,the name of these lochs are so unpronouncable for a french man, that I can't remember them... Jérôme D.

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