Loch Drumbeg

Loch Drumbeg is a famous, large loch easily visible beside the B869 at Drumbeg. A beautiful location, there is a boat available and you can also fish much of the way around by bank. Although an easily accessible day's fishing, the far side from the road has lots of trees which can take a bit of negotiating. If on the boat try in and around the islands.

There are lots of trout, but they are mostly at the smaller end of the spectrum, but it can be prolific sport at times with top of the water action.


OS Grid: NC121327
Decimal: 58.242764, -5.202905
Degrees: 58° 14' 33.9504" N, 5° 12' 10.458" W
Fishing details: Assynt Crofters' Trust
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets


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Brown's on Loch Drumbeg

Had a great day in July 2018 with my mate. The fish may be smaller but they fight like wee buggers. Great fun but don't let everyone know. The setting is unbelievable

Fishing Loch Drumbeg 5th September 2011 - 3 in a hired boat.

We started at 14.30 and fished until 19.45. Each used wet flies, soldier palmer top, kingfisher butcher middle and pheasanttail at the bottom. Total catch was 3 6oz trout and a very small fish - at least two were on the butcher. There were a number of nibbles. Trolling was more successful than casting. The weather was dry alternating between sunny and overcast. There was light wind and casting was sometimes difficult although we are not regular or very experienced fly fishers. We explored the margins of the whole loch during this session. There were no other anglers.
The gentleman who hired us the boat says that mornings and late evenings are sometimes better but we cannot verify this.
A fantastic location to spend a day.

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