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  • General Comments   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Thanks Adam, just spotted this browsing! Much appreciated!

    Look forward to catching up,

  • General Comments   4 years 41 weeks ago

    Hi Don (are you the Don which whom I am already acquainted?)

    The winter fishing for Pollock from the shore up here is truly phenomenal! I am not 't(r)outing for business' here but search "Assynt Fly Fishing" on You Tube and you will see some of the fun I have to keep me occupied through the long, dark winter months! Winter sea fishing? In Assynt? Oh most definitely YES!

    Stewart - Assynt Fly Fishing.

  • General Comments   4 years 42 weeks ago

    Speaking of lochs with elusive trouts : does anybody ever catch a trout in the unnamed loch looking like a boot at 177-243 (exactly under the first "S" of Assynt) ? Looks good, but I made two attempts without any fish in view. Any information wellcome.

  • General Comments   4 years 42 weeks ago

    I've also visited that loch a couple of times when heading to other lochs like you (maybe the same ones...) It looks beautiful, very alpine, rocky, cold. I hadn't seen any activity the first times I passed along, but one evening, at dusk, with a friend, we've seen fish making head-and-tail in the north-west corner. We cast some dry flies and caught tiny trouts (4 or 5 inches) with pink reflections. Impossible to get a bigger one. Very strange. It's a very wild place and there is maybe a very poor insect life there. The southerly loch nearby, Loch nan Caorach, looks even better. I've just tried once, but no success...

  • General Comments   4 years 43 weeks ago

    Like you I have tried my luck here several times.
    I have only ever caught a single fish which was about 5 inches long and very silver in colour.

    I spotted fish rising and cast amongst them .

    I suspect that there are only a few and small fish in here.

  • General Comments   4 years 43 weeks ago

    I travel to Assynt most years in May and have given Loch nan Cuaran (NC291239) a go on a couple of occasions on route to other destinations. I've had absolutely no success whatsoever, I've never even seen signs of fish life. Does anyone know of a reason why this loch appears devoid of fish or is it merely my ineptitude?

    Geoff Mann

  • Loch Assynt   4 years 44 weeks ago

    If you were staying at the Inchnadamph Hotel you would have had access to some of the best lochs in the area and in my opinion bank fishing Loch assynt was probably your worst option.
    It is fair to say that the better fishing is to be found far away from the roadside in hill lochs mostly involving a hike of 1.5 to 2 hours to get to them ,but the feeling of "away from it all" and the chance to fish for and catch beautiful wild brown trout in the amazing landscape of Assynt is well worth the effort believe me.
    On this site,and in Cathel Mcleod's book "Trout Fishing in Assynt" you will find the information as to some specific locations and advice on how best to fish them ,but there are literally hundreds of lochs and lochans out there.

  • Loch Crocach   5 years 1 day ago

    Fished this loch twice over the last few years and caught six each time all in bright sunshine (all small)and all on a kingfisher butcher. You could see them chase the fly.I too thought for a moment I had hooked the big one, I could feel it tugging but when I tried to draw it to shore the weight was incredible, I soon realised it had taken me round a submerged branch covered in weed managed to get the whole thing to shore with the fish still hooked around three quarter pound.

  • Loch Assynt   5 years 1 week ago

    You can buy a decent orvis combo set with rod, reel and line for 150 pounds. If that breaks the bank you have other issues to deal with.

  • Lochan a Choire Ghuirm (Green Corrie Lochs)   5 years 3 weeks ago

    By concentrating too much attention on a small number of lochs ,Cathel's book has damaged the very thing that he sought to promote.
    Like you I have spent 30+ years hiking out to remote lochs and figuring it out for myself and only sharing the information with a few trustworthy friends.
    Be reassured that there are many other lochs out there,several of them rarely fished,containing some magnificent fish.
    You will probably have fished some of them yourself.

  • Loch Borralan   5 years 15 weeks ago

    Myself and a mate fished Borralan on 3/9/15 conditions were good a light breeze and cloudy we had 18 fish 4 the day most around 1/2lb and best 1lb. Did not keep any best flys connemara black, Zulu and kee hee. If you're fishing from a boat note be aware the loch is shallow around the edges with decent sized stones 2 smack!!!

  • Loch Bad an Sluic   5 years 18 weeks ago

    A good walk up from Canisp Lodge and seemingly into the middle of nowhere but the rewards were well worth it. I fished both these lochs, the boats were quarter full of water showing that they had not been fished for a while. after bailing out I drifted with a drogue in a gusting NW breeze and took plenty of fish all over the water up to 12oz. I had 24 in the first loch and 21 in the second with plenty of double hook ups and one cast saw 3 trout leap clear of the water onto my team of 3 flies. MAGIC! Claret bumble muddler, standard Claret bumble with a very dark green heather fly or Daddy long legs with gold body working best on the point. well greased drawn through the waves.
    Well yes it was a long walk but if you make the effort to fish both these lochs you might just get a PB as I did. Totalling 45 trout in one day + 1 pretty little sea trout.
    Thanks Peter for the recommendation. Tim.

  • Cam Loch   5 years 19 weeks ago

    Had planned walking over the hills to Fada but the weather miserable, hills shrouded in mist and constant rain so played safe and stuck to Cam. Fished it from the boats at the Cemetery around to the river inlet, difficult conditions and only had 3 small fish - all at the river inlet which was sheltered. Find this a very dour loch.
    Is Inchnadamph hotel closed? Drove up there to gate a ticket, no cars or signs of life and doors locked. Got a permit at the Altnacealgach Hotel from the helpful woman there.

  • Loch na Gainmhich   5 years 19 weeks ago

    Fished this loch yesterday as it was too windy on Loch Assynt. Fished for around two hours with nothing doing on the road side of the loch. Moved round to the shallow end just above the Wailing Widow waterfall (had a peer over the edge - amazing view!). Caught two 6 oz brownies in quick succession in the shallows. Both took the top fly: a Kate McClaren (I think!). An absolutely stunning location.

  • Loch Assynt   5 years 19 weeks ago


    In reply to the query about availability of boats on Assynt.

    Confirmed the following details with Peter at the Assynt Angling Association:

    The boats on Cam, Veyatie, Mid & Head Assynt , Awe & Sandy lochs are administered by the Inchnadamph Hotel on behalf of the Assynt Angling Group.

    They can be booked in advance by contacting the hotel, but as Awe in particular is very popular some anglers will be disappointed. You do not have to stay at the hotel to book the boats. The other boats on Awe are not owned by the group.

    Anglers planning fishing can contact Peter at the Cottage, Culag Sq or contact the hotel to book. Contact details on and on this site:

    The boat at Assynt tail is administered by Peter.


  • General Comments   5 years 21 weeks ago

    We had no problems getting a boat on Borrolan on a Sunday.

  • Loch a Choin (The Dog Loch)   5 years 21 weeks ago

    Your four fish on the Dog Loch is good going on any day as it is not an easy one but the trout can be tremendous. Caught two here on 18th June, both over 1lb, with one about 2lb. Both on a Blue Zulu in a wave and cold wind, both returned - delighted with them!

    The trout in the Cat tend to be smaller but it can be good on the right day.

  • Loch Assynt   5 years 21 weeks ago

    August 2015

    Had a great day afloat on Assynt. Superb loch with a great head of fish that fight like demons when hooked. Claret flies worked best on our day.

    Such a shame 2 out of 3 boats on Assynt (and all on Awe) are controlled by the Inchnadamph Hotel. Residents obviously get first shout for the boats which meant only 1 day afloat on Assynt for all of us and we never managed to get a boat on Awe at all! Surely Assynt Assosiation should control all of the available boats on Assynt and allocation should come down to a first come first served basis. I for one would not want to stay at the Inchnadamph just to secure a few days fishing on Assynt (or Awe).

  • Loch Beannach   5 years 21 weeks ago

    Fished here on 17/8/2015

    Well worth the easy walk to get to this loch. Very picturesque, with bays and wooded islands going in every direction. We were a party of 4 using the 2 boats here. Quite a few fish caught but not a single "keeper" between them. Conditions didn't help as we started with a very bright and hot sun and flat calm to bright sun and wind. The wind was not excessive but the plastic Pioneer boats used on most of the waters around here are virtually keel-less and shoot across the surface with little wind effort. This makes fishing your flies at a decent speed pretty difficult and due to the shape of the loch a drogue would be a pain due to the shortness of drift. We were told at the end of our fishing trip that a boat was having to be recovered from the far end of the loch as the customer was unable to row it back to the mooring due to the be warned!

    We all agreed that the loch is very beautiful but I'm not sure if we will make future trips to Beannach again, the fish size was just too small to keep us interested.

  • Loch a Choin (The Dog Loch)   5 years 21 weeks ago

    I think the name of the loch is well deserved, it was a dog to fish!
    Had an after noon on the Dog (and the Cat). As a lot of the lochs in this area are, the water is deep straight off the bank. I had a drift that ran from the boat mooring straight down the loch which was just as well as the Pioneer boat shot across the surface without to much wind! Out of 4 fish caught only 1 was a "keeper". All were caught around or just past the big island. A very scenic loch with an easy walk from the road but given the amount of fishing there is up here I doubt I'd make the effort to do this loch again!.....(oh, and The Cat Loch......a complete waste of time, don't go there!!)

  • Loch Borralan   5 years 21 weeks ago

    Fished Borralan on 16/8/2015

    This was the first loch we fished on our weeks holiday. The water was very peat stained but this did not put the fish off by any means. Just over 50 fish caught by the two of us, including 2 char. No fish kept although there were a few "keepers" in the days catch. Most notably though was the massive brownie hooked just off the shore by my brother. We estimated it at between 7-9lb. The fish made a few trips to the surface and a good jump before it finally spit out the fly! Best flies were, Stone Goat, Sunburst Dunkeld and Raymond.

  • Loch Leathed a'Bhaile Fhoghair (Lexy's Loch)   5 years 28 weeks ago

    It has been unusually cold which seems to have knocked some of the fishing 9as well as plant life being later etc.). I had 3 hours up at Lexy's on 20th June and it was pretty slow going. Fished the southern shore and caught 3 all around half pound mark and then it went very dour and windless

  • Loch Crocach   5 years 29 weeks ago

    Tick infested hell! Brushed no fewer than 12 of the little blighters off me during a long hike around Crocach and satellite lochans including Aon Aite among others. The fishing, in the cold north-westerly, was uninspiring - numerous troutlings with anything over the half pound hard to come by. Note - Crocach is nasty to circumnavigate with a lot of heather outcrops and steep rock cliffs. I wouldn't be in a rush to return.

  • Un-named Loch at base of Suilven   5 years 29 weeks ago

    I have only fished this Loch once, in the middle of May this year.

    Spring had been almost non existent with snow on the high tops, so I suppose it was slightly optimistic to expect the trout in these higher lochans to respond to the fly. Nonetheless I set off from the Glen Canisp side in fair if somewhat chilly conditions and made the long but scenic trek up to the series of lochans stretching from below bealach leading to the summit of Suilven.

    No surface activity was evident. I managed to winkle out half a dozen trout to 3/4 lb from several different lochans, all on a deeply fished GRHE goldhead before the wind died and the sun came out.

    By the time I reached the Unnammed Lochan I was beginning to regret the extra layers of clothing necessary at the start of the day. The sky had become cloudless and the surface of the loch was like a mirror. What was most noticeable however was the different character of the loch itself. Unlike the others in the area which were fairly typically steep sided leading to deep water close in, this lochan had relatively shallow margins comprising sandstone slabs for some distance out. I persevered for a while with the deep nymph then tried a dry fly, but nothing could be tempted and I soon called it a day.

    A 14 mile walk for a few wee brownies might seem a lot of effort, but the route back out to Inverkirkaig via Loch Fionn and the Falls path was glorious in the late sunshine and a day out in Assynt is never a complete waste of time.

  • Loch Leathed a'Bhaile Fhoghair (Lexy's Loch)   5 years 31 weeks ago

    I dropped by Lexy's on the 7th of June for a couple of hours in the late afternoon. It's a lovely loch and despite a cold north-westerly I did see fish rising at various points just as I had to leave. Before then I managed a fighting half-pounder and - a bit of a surprise - a minnow which took a size 14 dry fly! It was fairly hooked too. I didn't know this species was present in Assynt. Not the best of fishing days, and indeed that remained the story for the rest of my stay in the north-west. I think I'll leave next year's visit a bit later and risk the midges!

    Colin M.

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