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  • Loch Borralan   4 years 51 weeks ago

    Fished loch borralan in August 2016, it was perfect with us staying in the alt inn just across the road the water was quite dark and we manged to catch plenty of well fed spotted brown trout the biggest being 14 inch. The average size of the trout in borralan is very good with most being just under 1 lbs.

    The morning was slow dad on a sinking line caught 1, 8 incher while grandad was wet flies floating Line and I was dry flies floating line and had a couple of small takes. While dad went to make the sandwiches, grandad wanted a row and I saw a few sedges popping up so fished a dry green wells glory and on the first cast caught a 1lbs fat trout that was a cracking fighter. After lunch grandad had a nap and me and dad went out for some for some fishing at the south west corner of the loch form the reeds round to the shallow rocks and after a bit of fun on terrestrial dries we took grandad out for a bit and he had two fish before the sun went down.

    We caught the fish mostly on the Kate Mclarens and a few on green wells glory and a brown dry fly that was quite big. it was cloudy and a bit windy too.

  • Loch Druim Suardalain (The Glen Loch)   4 years 51 weeks ago

    Fished here in August 2015 with my dad and my grandad. It was good conditions with cloud and quite a bit of a ripple so we trolled out between the islands and did a few drifts from the river mouth to the islands between us we caught 4, 8-9 inch brown trout and a dark coloured 11 inch brownie with a big head ( probably predatory). Also at the other end of the loch a tiny salmon parr which picked up my Arthur's olive, they are beautiful.

    I started off fishing a Kate mclaren on a dropper and an Arthur's olive on the point and had a few fish but as the sun started to go down over Sullivan grandad was getting cold so we put him in the car and had 1 last session with some daddy long legs which was great fun then we went back for a cosy night at the alt inn after dad grandad had had a dram or two.

  • General Comments   5 years 2 days ago


    The West Sutherland Fisheries Trust are holding a fund raising auction to support their excellent work. Some geat prizes.

    Please go here to bid:


  • Loch a Choin (The Dog Loch)   5 years 18 weeks ago

    We didn't get any fish today; it definitely was a 'dog' to fish but it was a fun trip. The whole family was down and they loved it except for the fact that we caught no fish. My account receivable solutions job keeps me busy, gonna too long without any good catches. We will be making a trip to Achiltibuie lochs soon

  • Loch Mhoalach-coire (‘Loch Gillaroo’)   5 years 19 weeks ago

    Had an interesting few hours fishing on the loch. The wind from the SW changed from putting a nice ripple on the water to gale force in the 3 hours I was there. Still managed 2 fish around the half pound mark on a Black Gnat dry and the other a Bibio. Surroundings are stunning and an enjoyable walk in. Look forward to going back on a calmer evening next year.

  • Loch Na Claise   5 years 21 weeks ago

    Windy and a bit rainy meant that boat fishing was a little tricky, especially having left the drogue at home... Nonetheless 6 fish between the two of us, with some very nice, fit and fat trout. The fish seem really healthy and had three hen fish bursting with eggs, all returned.

  • Loch a Choin (The Dog Loch)   5 years 21 weeks ago

    Grabbed a couple of hours on the dog loch. One nice fish of a pound a half to a deer hair sedge. A few splashy rises but died when wind dropped. A large army of midges waited in ambush at the mooring on return.

  • Loch Assynt   5 years 25 weeks ago

    In the evening of 14/6/2016 I headed along the north bank of Loch Assynt – beyond where the boats are normally launched. My intention was to try out a new light spinning rod. However after a few casts and two small trout, I retired the spinning gear. My problem was that it was too difficult to unhook the trout from the treble hooks on the lures– even if they were debarbed. Maybe replacing the trebles with a single debarbed hook would make spinning more acceptable. I returned to my fly rod and fished for an hour around 10pm with flies tied on debarbed hooks, and tormented a number of small trout, but landed only one which was safely returned.

  • Loch Crocach   5 years 25 weeks ago

    On 13/6/616, in late afternoon, I headed up the road to Loch Crochach. It was overcast with a light SE wind. Before reaching he loch, I turned off eastwards to try out the small Lochans – but this was a waste of time – after a prolonged dry spell they were unfishable. So I headed back to Loch Crochach on the South Easterly side where there is a sizeable bay. I fished around it and had a limited success – three small trout to a Black Pennel, two tiddlers, and several splashes. I gave up around 9pm.

  • Loch Poll an Droighinn   5 years 25 weeks ago

    On 15/6/2016 I decided to head up to Loch Poll an Droighinn. Its a bit of a climb for a Septuagenarian, so I avoided the steep route directly up from Lexy’s Loch, and instead headed up on a diagonal from further back on the road – on a track marked on the OS map which leads to an old ruined cottage. It was a cool day with a strong N wind. I arrived at the loch around 5pm and fished right round the loch until 9:30pm. My most successful fly was a Black Pennnel which landed 4 fish, with a Teal Red and Silver taking the fifth. The sizes ranged from about ¼ pound to 1 pound, with the average being around the ½ pound mark.

  • Loch Leathed a'Bhaile Fhoghair (Lexy's Loch)   5 years 25 weeks ago

    I was back to Assynt in June 2016, and fished Lexy's Loch twice from the bank.
    On 12/6/16 there was bright sunshine and a light SE wind. In the evening I headed up to the South East corner. The loch level was low, and there were no signs of rising fish. I hooked a good sized fish, but it resorted to aerial acrobatics, and got off! As darkness fell, there were a few sporadic rises, but I had no further luck. The hooked fish took a size 12 longshank Teal Red and Silver - not unlike a Peter Ross on a longshank (debarbed) hook.
    On 17/6/2016, I was again off to Lexy's in the evening (from about 6pm to 9:30pm). A fishing boat party had just left the loch - catch unknown. It was bright with a strong N wind, so I headed up along the North Bank. I landed, and returned, 3 fish - two were about 5oz, and the third about a pound. Again, the Teal Red and Silver hooked two, with a variant using a silvery green body and a sparkly wing hooking the third (and smallest).
    Lexy's remains one of my favourite Assynt Lochs, with good sized trout which need a bit of patience to catch.

  • Loch Assynt   5 years 25 weeks ago


    The details for all permits and boat availability are on this pageon this website:

    To book, contact Peter Hendrich - The Cottage Culag Square, Lochinver (01571 844076).

    Also you might want to check the Assynt Angling Group website:

    Please report back on here how you got on!


  • Loch Assynt   5 years 25 weeks ago

    Hi Adam,
    Thanks for your answer. A few more things, what will be the best way to hire a boat (with engine)in case I'm interested in fishing on Lochs Beannach (W5), Cam (E21), Veyatie (E22). Are there a phone numbers/e-mals, so I can book the boat in advance?

  • Loch Assynt   5 years 25 weeks ago

    Hi Dima

    The only bank spinning allowed is on Assynt.

    Camping is allowed, but follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Some links which might be of use:


  • Loch Assynt   5 years 25 weeks ago

    Hi All,
    I'm planning my vacation and very keen on spinning fishing. I've read the previous replies re trolling and boat spinning. However are there any more places with a bank spinning in addition to Loch Assynt? Is camping allowed?
    Thanks in advance

  • Leave Your Comments   5 years 25 weeks ago

    The River Inver and the River Kirkaig are the principal salmon and sea trout rivers. Fishing is owned by the Assynt Estate and administered by CKD Galbraith.

  • Loch Beannach   5 years 27 weeks ago

    Was a super day and was very nice to meet you we enjoyed our lunch

  • Loch Beannach   5 years 27 weeks ago

    Despite it being one of the hottest days of the year with the sun beating down, there were still fish to be caught albeit mainly small. Fishing from the bank I managed 2 at the pound mark, about 12 small ones but must have missed 30 as they were taking very gently. Despite hot weather there was sufficient breeze at times to give a good ripple. Not a huge number of rises to surface flies. Think the mayfly hatch might be more or less over as only saw a couple plus one spent one. Tiny spiders worked best for me.

    Met a lovely couple fishing from the boat, very courteous asking if I didn't mind them landing near to where I was fishing for their lunch.

    As usual a big thanks to Assynt Angling for allowing visitors to fish.
    Malc (Inverness)

  • General Comments   5 years 28 weeks ago

    The Assynt Fishing Feis 2016 is on Tuesday 26th July at Glencanisp Lodge. It is a great event with family fun, food, casting, fly tying and a fishing competition.

    Please support this if you can with a Crowdfunder donation:

    More information is here:

    Stewart Yates from organises the event with others and it deserves everyone's support.


  • Loch Assynt   5 years 28 weeks ago


    Try 01738 451111 for Perth office.
    Alternatively you could enquire at the Inverlodge Hotel (not sure if they do permits for non-residents).

    There is also salmon and sea trout fishing on lochs and other sections of river. Go to places to Fish section and select salmon and sea trout from the Angling Groups drop down.

    - Adam

  • Loch Assynt   5 years 29 weeks ago

    Hello - I am staying just norh of Lochinver for the week starting July 9 and am keen to have a day (or part day) fly fishing for Salmon on the river Inver. I email Galbraith's in Perth last week but got no reply. Does anyone know how I might ger a permit.

  • General Comments   5 years 29 weeks ago

    Well done for taking the trouble of reporting this. This precious loch and others like it are particularly vulnerable to thoughtless, illegal fishing.

  • General Comments   5 years 30 weeks ago

    Thank you for reporting this.

    In the interests of clarity for everyone:

    ALL of the Assynt Angling Group/Association waters are covered by the Assynt and Coigach Protection order.

    This means that fishing without a permit or breaking the rules of that permit (which includes fishing by methods other than fly, except in designated lochs, which this is not) is a criminal offence. The fine can be up to £1,000.

    "Section 1(8) of the Freshwater and Salmon Fisheries (Scotland) Act 1976 provides that any person who contravenes a prohibition in a protection order is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale."


  • General Comments   5 years 30 weeks ago

    I've seen two people today -a man around 60 and his wife, I think, owner of a red Astra- both fishing with telescopic rods, spinning reels and big bubbles at the Loch Bealach Cornaidh. As we walked to the loch I asked the guy if it was a fly rod he had on his back (it didn't look at all like one...) and he answered "Of course !" Of course no, as I could see later from the crest of the Quinag with my binoculars and later at the loch. I made very closed pictures of that poacher with his bubble rod and of his car with the registration number and sent them to the Assynt Angling Asociation. I also told him he wasn't allowed to fish with such bubbles but he kept fishing... Bealach Cornaidh is a lovely loch with beautiful average goldish trout and has not to be fished with such methods.

    So if you see a red Astra on a "fishing" car park...

  • Loch Assynt   5 years 31 weeks ago

    I have been fishing Assynt Lochs for over 40 years. My father who was from Lewis, had family in Ullapool and Elphin, introduced me to fishing. Days on Borrolan and Urighill .At 6 years old. From an early age,I could catch trout on the fly .But my dad was happy using fly and bubble or a worm on Stuart Tackle .I think that the old timers should be allowed to catch their last trout by the way they learned. If they catch one at all.

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