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  • Loch a Choireachain   12 years 27 weeks ago

    Lots of trout in all sizes from 4oz up to a few half pounders.Flies to try loch ordie and anything black.Only 2 mins from the road and easy to fish from the bank.Not listed on angling club or crofters permits!

  • Lochan Sgeireach   12 years 27 weeks ago

    Although it may appear unlikely to those that do not know the boundaries, this loch is on land owned by the Assynt Estate, and that is why it is listed in A.A.G. literature. As a very rough guide, all of the land located to the south of the road there, is so owned. Assynt Crofter's Trust own all of the the land to the north side of the road. And you're right, it is dour, very dour, but the biggies are there. You have to persevere!!

    From the Author.

  • Lochan Sgeireach   12 years 27 weeks ago

    Surely this loch is on the Assynt Crofters permit.
    Man, it's dour !!

  • Unnamed lochans near Clashnessie   12 years 28 weeks ago

    Access. Park at beach, walk up past 'phone box and post box, follow signed 'footpath to the waterfall' but head off uphill, to the left, before you reach the 'fall.
    Hot and sunny with a light breeze from the sea. Fished 5 - 6 p.m. and landed several nice pan-sized fish (all returned).
    Flies used: dry #12's Black Pennel and Kate McLaren. Started at waterfall and fished the north side to the first narrow, where a golden eagle took off from the rocks there!...quite spectacular, and a big bonus to a nice hours fishing.
    WARNING: the flats between the fingers of rock, which look sandy and firm are NOT! Walk around them. I sank up to my knees and nearly lost my boots!
    Louis, from the Scottish Borders.

  • Loch Cul Fraoich   12 years 29 weeks ago

    As one of the four float tubers I can say we had the best few days(nights?) sport since first fishing it 3 years ago. By successful I mean I had around 6 fish up to 15" on Deer Hair Sedges & Sedgehogs for four evenings. One of our group had fish to 18" and saw a fish which he first noticed as two 'pyramids' in the water till they moved - he tried to catch it but it just moved away - a really big fish. I think the wind really helped, previously we fished in much calmer conditions with less success, though we've all had the obligatory 'dustbin lid' boil at our flies.

  • Loch Cul Fraoich   12 years 29 weeks ago

    Cloud, wind and first colder day for ages. Headed up around 10pm for an hour and a half to find 10 other anglers there, including 4 in float tubes! Never seen more than two here at once. A few fish moving and had a few takes but caught nothing. The fish tend to nibble at or play with the fly rather than a full on take, which keeps you on your toes! Apparently the float tubers fared better later on in the night and the odd monster was spotted cruising...

  • Unnamed lochans near Loch Crocach and Cnoc nan Caorach.   12 years 29 weeks ago

    Bright day with light but very changeable wind. The long loch was dour - no fish but I took a nice fish from the small lochan.

  • Gorm Loch Mor / Gorm Loch Beag   12 years 29 weeks ago

    Really need the boat for this one, banks very steep. Fished it twice around midsummer and caught lots of small 2-6 oz fish. great fun.
    Fish well fed and really good eating. Any old fly will do but always something black on the point.
    Conditions :- first time overcast and windy, second bright sun with gentle breeze. Results the same.

  • Unnamed lochans near Clashnessie   12 years 30 weeks ago

    Fished a few of these one day earlier this week. Got 5 - all pretty small bar one of a pound - on one loch, but nothing on the others. Pretty much died at about 7pm.

  • Loch Cul Fraoich   12 years 30 weeks ago

    Fished here from about 8pm-10pm on Wednesday 1st July. Baking hot and precious little wind meant it was very hard work - caught one small one but by 10pm you could have used the loch as a mirror. And by then the midges were outand about in force. Took some nice snaps though (how do I upload those?) and it was fun watching the gulls, terns and bonxies squabbling with each other...

  • General Comments   12 years 31 weeks ago

    Had some great fun with some of the nicest, golden yellow brown trout thanks to directions and advice from Cathal - next visit will be soon. Only just found this site but will make it a bookmark and am going to buy the guide book as well!

    Neil Thomson

  • Fionn Loch   12 years 33 weeks ago

    I fished here off the bank about 15 years ago and had a good day. The mayfly were hatching and the fish weren't fussy; any old fly would do. Kept 4 for 2/12 lb and put about 20 back.
    A great place to fish.

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