Loch Bad an Sluic

Assynt Angling Group Southern Zone

Small loch reachable by following the track from Loch Druim Suardalain up
the hill behind Suileag bothy; or from the north by walking up from Little
Assynt, via Loch an Leothaid and Loch Crom. 

Good population of wild brown trout mainly up to 1/2lb.

Boat available at 150217.

OS Grid: NC152218
Decimal: 58.146325, -5.141533
Degrees: 58° 8' 46.77'' N, 5° 8' 29.5188'' W
Fishing details: Assynt Angling Group, Southern Zone
Permit details: £7.50/day, £40/week from from these outlets


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8 years ago
Anonymous said
A good walk up from Canisp Lodge and seemingly into the middle of nowhere but the rewards were well worth it. I fished both these lochs, the boats were quarter full of water showing that they had not been fished for a while. after bailing out I drifted with a drogue in a gusting NW breeze and took plenty of fish all over the water up to 12oz. I had 24 in the first loch and 21 in the second with plenty of double hook ups and one cast saw 3 trout leap clear of the water onto my team of 3 flies. MAGIC! Claret bumble muddler, standard Claret bumble with a very dark green heather fly or Daddy long legs with gold body working best on the point. well greased drawn through the waves.
Well yes it was a long walk but if you make the effort to fish both these lochs you might just get a PB as I did. Totalling 45 trout in one day + 1 pretty little sea trout.
Thanks Peter for the recommendation. Tim.