Loch a Ghlinnen

book-cover This is one of the lochs featured in a book - Trout Fishing in Assynt: A Guide to 30 lochs - which gives you the best, local expert advice there is about fishing this loch. The booklet, which helps fund local angling, is available from Inverbank Newsagents, Lochinver.

A beautiful loch en route to Loch Feith an Leothaid, Ghlinnen is home to a robust population of beautifully marked, hard fighting, pink fleshed, wild trout. There are some good trout lurking in the clear waters of this loch so always be prepared!

OS Grid: NC170234
Decimal: 58.161424, -5.112256
Degrees: 58° 9' 41.1264'' N, 5° 6' 44.1216'' W
Fishing details: Assynt Angling Group, Southern Zone
Permit details: £7.50/day, £40/week from from these outlets


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12 years ago
Anonymous said
My dad and I fished Ghlinnen on 30th May (2011). Not being particularly fit it took us over an hour to walk to the loch.
The wind was blowing in from the south east, we did 2 drifts down the water each time as we got to the end of the drift the wind picked up making it very difficult to row the boat back up the loch. On the 1st drift down the SE bank we caught 3 fish 4-5 ounce range on size 12 kate Mclaren varient and Black Pennell.
After the 2nd unproductive drift we bank fished the south bank, west to east. I caught a few fish down the bank but the best area was the point of the small bay at the far end before the inlet burn. Casting and moving towards the point (as the rain began) I hit 10 fish landing half of them, an Olive Sedgehog and Kate Mclaren Varient size 12s doing the business. The trout were on the thin side and in the 4-6 ounce bracket. One fish that jumped out at the sedgehog looked better at around 3/4 pound.
A lovely water in cracking scenery and worth the walk. Perhaps the fish would be in better condition in a month or so time. all of the water was fishable from the boat, the SW area near the outlet burn was a bit shallow but fishing down to the outlet burn no waders were required.
The walk was quicker on the way back being mostly downhill and took 50 mins.
13 years ago
Anonymous said
Fished this loch for a few hours late yesterday afternoon. Weather was overcast and up there the wind was blowing stiffly from the SW. As such casting was tricky down the N and S sides and impossible in the E windward end. However, I managed a good few trout mainly from the leeward W end and the W end of the N and S banks. These trout were fairly small. I had two of about half a pound and a dozen or so at closer to a 1/4 lb. I hooked, but lost what felt like a much better trout around the inflowing burn mouth. When fishing wets trout were mainly coming to the bob, which was either an olive sedgehog (size 12), black crow (size 10) or olive French partridge (size 10). However, I had most of the fish by fishing the sedgehog on it's own as a dry. The fish here were freely rising although smaller on average than I had anticipated, then again midsummer does not generally produce average bags of the same size as the spring or autumn. The scenery on walk in and bag is fantastic. I would advise anyone making the trip there to fish from the bank to take waders, both for crossing the burns, which are currently quite high, but also to facilitate fishing the shallower west end. I didn't and regretted it! Tight lines, Matt