Loch Bad na Murichinn

Directions: Head south out of Lochinver on the unmarked road toward Inverkirkaig. Once past Badnaban, park where the road turns a sharp right on a flat plateau and follow the burn up the gulley to Loch Bad na Murichinn (also known as the Children's Loch). It takes between 15-30 minutes, depending on your speed.

There is a boat available which helps to explore the wooded southern shoreline as well as making it easier to cover the large water.

- Family Loch
At the top right of the loch there is a gravel beach which is reputedly shallow enough for children to paddle in. The loch is locally known for small fish and according to local sources shown marked improvement in last 4 years with fish coming in at 12-14 ounces. Trout of mostly average size they can come to the fly readily when 'on' - try the south eastern tip from the shore for some sport - and there are larger fish in here.

Peter Hendrick (AAG) said: “To be here and yet still be within half a mile of a road, makes you feel cut off, with peace and tranquility, absolutely perfect for picnics with scenery comparable with anywhere else within the area.”

For the more adventurous, you can go on up from here to Loch Gleannan na Gaoithe, Loch a Ghilnne Sgoilte and even Loch Uidh na Ceardaich up next to Fionn Loch. You won't be bored - all of these have lots of trout - but they are very much on the small size!

OS Grid: NC095200
Decimal: 58.127764, -5.236738
Degrees: 58° 7' 39.9504'' N, 5° 14' 12.2568'' W
Fishing details: Assynt Angling Group, Southern Zone
Permit details: £7.50/day, £40/week from from these outlets


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5 years ago
Anonymous said
As the nearest loch to our accommodation, I fished here several times, with and without my grandchildren. The loch is stuffed with hungry and obliging trout. Although we caught nothing over 6 oz. it is a splendid beginners loch. It is easier to fish it from a boat as most of the banks are steep and/or wooded. I found the north shore to be most productive and most of my fish came to a Bibio or Kate McLaren although they were not fussy. Although it is only 20 minutes from the road we had it to ourselves on every occasion.
14 years ago
Anonymous said
Walking up the valley from the Inverkirkaig - Lochinver road, this was an easy jaunt into the hills, but still felt very remote. We only saw one other person all day, a hill walker circumnavigating the loch.

At this time of year, the continuous equinoctial gales made casting difficult except from the south-western bank near the boat moorings. Bush-whacking through the woods along the shoreline to find more sheltered areas didn't necessarily help either - the wind just ricocheted round the islands and ended up gusting in from the north. Still, I ended the day having caught and released more than 10 brown trout to 10" on a black-hackled red tag, reddish Wyatt-pattern deer hair sedge, or peach muddler.