Loch Na Saighe Duibhe

Park by Loch Awe and head up from Loch Na Gruagaich. It can be rough walking but well worth it for the views to access this and the other nearby lochans north west of Cnoc an Leathaid Buidhe.

Na Saighe Duibhe can be reedy later in the year and don't spend too long if nothing is happening but these are all rarely fished. The unnamed lochans have trout that tend to be small but very beautiful trout and hard fighting, although one of the lochans has larger specimens....

OS Grid: NC230160
Decimal: 58.097497, -5.004833
Degrees: 58° 5' 50.9892'' N, 5° 0' 17.3988'' W
Fishing details: Assynt Angling Group, Eastern Zone
Permit details: £7.50/day, £40/week from from these outlets


Please tell us about your experience of fishing at this loch. This will help other anglers as well as local angling groups.

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  • What you caught, when and on what (be a little vague if you don't want to give it all away!)
  • Anything other anglers should be aware of - access, reeded up waters, difficulties etc.

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5 months ago
Graeme said

Headed here after some fun at Loch na Gruagaich on one of the hottest days in Assynt this year - a complete flat calm and major fly hatch under way - have never seen a loch boil so hard with trout rising but there must have been over 100 - tried to take a video on iphone but didn't do it justice.  Loch has a very, very healthy population of small trout caught 8 all less than 6/8 inches and lost count of the number of small fish trying to take the fly -Greenwells more popular than Loch Ordie. No real sign of big fish but my bet is a night session on both these Lochs  could be exciting when the big guys may well come out to play ...Assynt really is paradise!

7 years ago
Anonymous said
Walked up from Awe. Cold and wet. Caught small one in Loch Na Gruagaich before heading up to Loch Na Saighe Duibhe. Wetness underfoot made it a bit of a slog. Caught 8 beautiful but very small trout - most on the surface but a couple on red buzzer I had on the middle dropper. Moved onto the larger of the lochans higher up but nothing doing. Very cold wind so headed back down after an hour. Has anyone ever caught anything much in this?
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7 years ago
Anonymous said
This is one of a number of named and unnamed lochans on the hillside above Loch Awe.I have cast a line into most of them some years ago during the summer months and caught fish in many of them .
Mainly small with the best at maybe 5-6 oz from the largest of the unnamed lochans.
10 years ago
Anonymous said
Lots of little fish 6-7", returned 15+ over about 3hrs. Free rising and some even jumping clear of water which is not something I often see in hill lochs?
Mostly on wee dry flies, fished close to or within reed areas, worthwhile but annoying have to clear weed from flies every 2nd cast.
Not convinced there are larger fish here.
Didnt have time to try the lochs further up, gave Loch Na Gruagaich a few hours on the way back down, it was very dour in comparison.

Stuart Taylor
10 years ago
Anonymous said
Had a quick cast on this and another couple close-by, nothing caught or spotted, but very windy and difficult conditions.
I was on my way back from Loch a' Croisg - which is not listed here, where I returned about 10 quarter pounders, during a 3 hr session, again very windy and difficult. Quite a hike to this Loch (I came from Loch Awe side) better to go via the path past Cam Loch.