Loch an Tuirc

This loch has some good trout fishing but also gets runs of sea trout. It is in a wonderful setting.

Park at the side of the B869 by the turning for Rhicarn. This is a small space on the left heading towards Lochinver. Please do not park in the turning itself and do not block access.

Walk down the Rhicarn turning and past the houses. There is a very good path uphill which takes you all the way to Loch Crocach. When you near the loch, go through the deer fence and keep right on the Crocach peat track.

The ground can be quite boggy but follow the burn past Cnoc nan Caorach Beaga which is to the north. Proceed easterly to NC107258.

There is a walking route and map available by clicking the ‘Boat Locations and Walking Route button in the right hand margin.

2018 Update: PLEASE NOTE - There is no longer a boat available at this loch.**
OS Grid: NC107258
Decimal: 58.180290, -5.221098
Degrees: 58° 10' 49.044'' N, 5° 13' 15.9528'' W
Fishing details: Assynt Crofters' Trust
Permit details: £10/day, £30/week from from usual outlets


Please tell us about your experience of fishing at this loch. This will help other anglers as well as local angling groups.

Your feedback is important so please tell us:

  • Where you fished, when, what conditions were like.
  • What you caught, when and on what (be a little vague if you don't want to give it all away!)
  • Anything other anglers should be aware of - access, reeded up waters, difficulties etc.

Got photos? Email them to us: adam4rj@gmail.com

13 years ago
Anonymous said
The easiest way to get to Loch an Tuirc is up the track from Rhicarn on the B869 (as if for Crocach - the big black labrador may run at you and woof a lot but he is friendly), then head off to the right at the very top of the hill through the gate in the deer fence and follow the track until it peters out. Keep walking almost in a straight line but bearing right until you come upon a small round lochan. Skirt the south east corner where you should find a long narrow loch and again skirt around this loch and the crest of the hill where you should be able to look down to Loch an Tuirc. It is quite a steep descent and there is no track so care is needed. It takes about 45 minutes and is fairly strenuous but is much easier than following the burn up to the Manse Loch from the Achmelvich road, fighting through the foliage and being pestered by midges. Also getting around Manse Loch is not at all easy and there is often a bull in the fields, so take care. Is it worth it? Yes if you like catching small brownies with the occasional half-pounder. I've never seen or heard of a seatrout being caught here, but there are plenty of tiny seatrout in the Manse Loch. You really do need an ordnance survey map here as it is easy to get lost, especially on your return.