Loch Nan Lub

A long, meandering loch with numerous nooks, crannies and bays - and lots of small trout. Ideal for Assynt beginners, you get a sense of the remoteness and the maze of heather, rock and lochs!

Start by walking up the Stoer peat track from NC040296, ignoring the two lochs nearby which are shallow and full of reeds. About a mile in, walk down to Loch an Easin and start fishing there, working along to Loch Nan Lub, keep moving and ultimately you reach Garbh Loch Beag (which has some larger fish).

If you're having a long day out, drop down to Loch Poll Dhaidh or head north to the unnamed lochans north of Loch Nan Lub.

OS Grid: NC066302
Decimal: 58.217966, -5.294350
Degrees: 58° 13' 4.6776'' N, 5° 17' 39.66'' W
Fishing details: Assynt Crofters' Trust
Permit details: £10/day, £30/week from from usual outlets
Angling Groups: Assynt Crofters' Trust;


Please tell us about your experience of fishing at this loch. This will help other anglers as well as local angling groups.

Your feedback is important so please tell us:

  • Where you fished, when, what conditions were like.
  • What you caught, when and on what (be a little vague if you don't want to give it all away!)
  • Anything other anglers should be aware of - access, reeded up waters, difficulties etc.

Got photos? Email them to us: adam4rj@gmail.com

12 years ago
Anonymous said
Visited on 7th July 2012 for a few hours, with a light north-westerly blowing most of the time. This is really a chain of inter-connected lochans and there are so many bays, points and high banks that this place would have fishable places in any kind of wind. Dry fly brought the trout up wonderfully, and they were not fussy about the pattern. Average size about 8 oz, with one fish of 1.5 lbs, all returned. The big one took the dropper fly as I was playing a smaller fish! Great birdlife here. A delightful place to fish. Loch an Easain next door seems just as good.
12 years ago
Anonymous said
29.5.12 Nice day out amongst the inlets of Loch Nan Lub, Gorm Loch Beag and the smaller lochans to the north. Slow going but still caught 7, biggest at half pound. Best flies dry sedge and a small bloody butcher on the point, work that out!
14 years ago
Anonymous said
Fished smaller lochs to north of here catching handful of smaller trout, mostly on surface, hampered by sun that shone just a touch too brightly. Laughed at Ad catching tiddlers from a sitting position while cooling feet in water.
Moderate North Westerly - bright day but still chilly from a cold snap.

Walked from Clashnessie and fished the chain lochs to Nan Lub with good success to top of the water - small and black -no surprise. Hatch of black upwings but nothing rising.

Wonderful day out if a longish walk for the older and less fit [like me].