Loch a Choire Dheirg (Red Corrie)

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A steep, one hour walk up from the A894 road to Kyelsku brings you to this dramatic loch. Known by the English 'Red Corrie', the crystal clear water has plenty of excellently sized trout in it, if slightly shy at times.

OS Grid: NC253273
Decimal: 58.199767, -4.974322
Degrees: 58° 11' 59.1612'' N, 4° 58' 27.5592'' W
Fishing details: Assynt Angling Group, Eastern Zone
Permit details: £7.50/day, £40/week from from these outlets


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1 year ago
S Burrage said

Fished twice in early June during a week of warm clear weather. A steep pull straight up from the road to the Corrie. Fabulous atmosphere. Winds were gentle with occasional calm. On the first visit 3 fish were caught each about 1-1 1/2 pounds, with lots of stealth and patience, not to mention a 20'+ leader. The fish catching flies were an invicta, alexandria and a klinkhammer.

7 years ago
Anonymous said
Was up here last year (2016) in early May - a very bright, warm week that came immediately after heavy snowfall the week before. Climbed up to this loch without realising it was the Red Corrie - only read about it's noteriety (and that of it's near neighbour) after getting back home to Northumberland. As previous posters state it's fiersomely windy in the bowl of the mountain and it was almost impossible to get a line out further than a few feet. Was fishing dries - mostly small sedgehog types - on the way up in the smaller lochans that lie below the Red Corrie and got three or four to 1/2 pound (all returned safely). But sadly nothing showing at the Red Corrie itself - perhaps a combination of early in the season and the recent snow. However the location, the view and the crystal clear water were alone worth the effort of the climb. A truly breath-taking and stunning place. I'd say make the effort if the weather is good but be prepared to catch the view and not much else if the wind is up.
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7 years ago
Anonymous said
Very difficult loch to fish due to the clarity of the water.
Best fished on a day with little wind and preferably from the north or north-east as swirling winds in the corrie can make casting near impossible.
A single dry fly just allowed to drift in the ripple has been my most successful method.
11 years ago
Anonymous said
Fished on 31st July after backpacking to Loch Bealach A'bhuirich the previous night. Fished the Green corrie most of the day then contoured round to the Red. Rising fish in glassy calm nosed at my dry flies but only one took, about 1lb. However, see entry for Green Corrie. B.C.
13 years ago
Anonymous said
It's a steep old climb to this one and can be pretty windy, which swirls around the corrie making casting tricky at times - so go on the right day. Fished it last year on a bright day and the trout came 'on' and 'off' with the cloud cover. Beautifully clear water and the setting is worth going for alone. Caught 3 - half, three quarters and a pound, though the biggest of these was quite thin.