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Assynt visit Aug 10th ~ 13th 2009

Had a great time on what was my third visit to Assynt in the last ten years and it only gets better!
Fished Beannach, Sionascaig (Inverpolly nature reserve), Fionn and Glen Lochs. I have updated seperately some more detailed comments for each of the AAA lochs including weather, flies used and catch record.
Came across this web-site about two weeks before my most recent trip and think this is a great initiative that needs more support from both local and visiting anglers.

Can also only offer further praise for the likes of Cathel (Polcraig) and Peter (Culag Cottage) for their patience and willingness to provide information and assistance.

What can be improved? - well it has to be said that with the large number of walkers (never mind the anglers) who want to walk up to Suilven from the Glencanisp Road there is an urgent need for some more appropriate parking. The two small road side areas just arent enough and parking then becomes a bit of a lottery.

Hope to return before too long!

Stephen Bracewell

Reflections on "the small lochans debate" - James

My wife and I spent a lovely early July fortnight in North Assynt, fishing now and then, and I very much endorse the view that there is a balance between trying to popularise the fishing and managing the resource. On the five days we fished we covered 10 lochs and lochans, Loch Drumbeg, Loch Daraich, Loch an Fada, Loch Poll, Loch an Tolla Bhaid, Loch na Loinne,Loch Toor nan Uidhean,unnamed lochan by the Drumbeg peat road, Loch Crocach, unnamed lochan to the south east of Crocach, Gorm Loch Mor, and Gorm Loch Beg. Overall we caught 86 trout (breakdown by by loch fish and fly available if needed)on standard wet flies (mainly butcher, stoat's tail, invicta, sizes 8 to 12), sized from 2oz tiddly to about 1lb solid, and all were released safely. We did this not because we didn't want a tasty breakfast or fish course with dinner, but because we didn't know how much pressure each loch was under and whether it was a "keep all you take" situation of a loch with very successful breeding but inadequate food supplies for the fish that hatched and survived, or a "keep only fish over 9in" where the younger fish need the bigger fish out of the way, or a "take only fish under 8in " where the fish will grow but only if their ranks are thinned selectively, or "take only one fish please" where the food supply is good and the fish grow well, but the breeding success is poor - etc etc.

If the key question for the research is "How do we protect the natural resource and heritage whilst maximising benefits for local communities?" ....and the "whilst" bit of the question says we need lots of visitors buying goods and services, but not if that destroys what they have come for.....then the information gathering should surely focus on the resource - which lochs have good food supplies and good breeding success?(lots of all sorts), which lochs have poor breeding success and good food supplies (few big fish), which lochs have good breeding success and poor food supplies (lots of tiddlers) - how big is each loch and what is the number of trout it holds and what is their age profile (lots of field work needed for that) so how many trout can be taken at what sizes from which lochs to safely manage the resource without damaging it (always allowing the nesting divers to have "first dibs"). Is the research programme well enough resourced and is the information flowing in adequate to make informed decisions within a couple of years as to how various Lochs and Lochans should be fished to manage the resource most effetively?

I have to conclude by saying I hope to be able to come back time and time again and find things only getting better.

June weekend

Had some great fun with some of the nicest, golden yellow brown trout thanks to directions and advice from Cathal - next visit will be soon. Only just found this site but will make it a bookmark and am going to buy the guide book as well!

Neil Thomson