Assynt Angling Group, Eastern Zone

Cam Loch

This is a large and easily accessible loch on the left of the A835 road from Ullapool, just before the Ledmore Junction. Lots of trout in here, mostly average in size with some larger specimens; also has char and ferox.

Loch a Choire Dheirg (Red Corrie)

A steep, one hour walk up from the A894 road to Kyelsku brings you to this dramatic loch. Known by the English 'Red Corrie', the crystal clear water has plenty of excellently sized trout in it, if slightly shy at times.

Loch Awe

A roadside loch which is popular and easily accessible with boat only fishing. It has a very good head of trout of decent average size but also has good numbers of larger fish in there too. A few salmon and sea trout enter the loch also, but are very rarely caught.

Loch Bealach a’ Mhadaidh

The trip to Loch Bealach a' Mhadaidh is not for the unfit, or faint-hearted requiring a walk of seven kilometres from Inchnadamph. All sizes of trout in here but evidently a very good head of bigger fish are present with baskets of these big fish being taken from time to time. It doesn't get fished that often due to it's location but it is one of the best lochs in the area. Although hardly ever caught, salmon can migrate there also.

Loch Bealach na h-Uidhe

530 metres and 1½ hours up the mountain from Inchnadamph, this corrie loch is what trout fishing in Assynt is all about. Some cracking trout in there to put a good bend in the rod and all in a spectacular setting.

Loch Fleodach Coire

An hour and twenty minutes from Inchnadamph, this interesting trout loch is set high up with more average sized trout but with better ones being taken not infrequently.

Loch Mhoalach-coire (‘Loch Gillaroo’)

Taking about an hour and a half to reach from the Inchnadamph car park and once known as The Gilaroo Loch, this is a relatively small loch with limestone bed. Historical catches of big fish over 5lbs are recorded and shown locally in glass cases in hotels and although the average is much more modest today you never know when the next big one could strike!

Loch na Gainmhich

A large roadside loch on the A894 road from Loch Assynt to Kylesku. You can park near the northern end and although it can look dour and windswept at times, if you don't fancy the hike up the hillside to the Corrie lochs, this is a much easier option!

Trout are average size ofor the area and for a roadside loch - though try the eastern edge away from the road.


Loch Na Gruagaich

Park by the A837 next to Loch Awe and follow the path at the northern edge of Loch Awe (also a way up Canisp).

You get the occasional salmon coming through and there's lots of trout (usual flies - Zulu, Invicta and a Goldhead work well).

From here head up the hill west to Loch Na Saighe Duibhe, which can be reedy later in the year, and then to the collection of unnamed lochans north west of Cnoc an Leathaid Buidhe. These tend to be small but beautiful trout, though one of them has larger specimens...


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