Sea Fishing - Places to Fish

Achmelvic Bay

A beautiful and very popular spot, you may need to move around the bay abnd along the shores both north and south. A sandy bottom make this a good mark for not losing tackle on the rocks! Basking sharks have on occasion been seen in the bay.

Altan na Bradhn

Access from the Lochinver-Stoer road where there is parking for 2-3 cars and go down the short path to the bay, past the ancient mill (well worth a visit itself). You can head along both the north rocky shore or to the south, both of which can be good marks and have a largely sandy bottom.

Bagh an t-strathain (Strathan)

A short drive south of Lochinver, this is reputed to be a good point acessing the entrance to the Lochinver harbour. Access can be rugged and some of the slopes steep. As ever care is needed when fishing from rocky shorelines.

Clachtoll Bay

Access through the Clachtoll Beach Campssite and you can fish all around the bay. Reports in recent years of sea bass being caught from the beach itself and the rocks to the north/right; also pollack and mackerel in season.

Clashnessie Bay

A red snadstone beach, rather than the gleaming white of other bays, Clashnessie is a very picturesque location.

Culkein Stoer / Rubh 'an Dunain (Dunan Point)

Care is needed along to the point and if fishing from the rocks - waves can easily sweep right over. It is also a very rocky location and you can lose a lot of tackle. It can however be prolific.

Lochinver Pier

Very easy access from Lochinver, catches include pollack, mackerel (when in, mostly July-August) and even conger eel. Ample parking in Lochinver and a short walk to the pier. Care needs to be taken when busy with boats.

Rubha Leumair

Accessed via a short detour from the Clachtoll to Altan na Bradhn path, this is another popular location for both bait and spinning/feathers.

Rubha' a' Mhill Dheirg

Walk along the path from Stoer Bay but take care on the steep sided and rocky shoreline. Can often be worth the extra walk if the fish are not as far in.

Stoer Bay

Stoer Bay and the rocky coastline to the north to Rubha' a' Mhill Dheirg have long been favourite spots for sea angling with pollack/coley, mackerel and sea bass all being landed. Although the centre of the bay is sandy, the shoreline is rocky and weedy so care needed with tackle. In stormy weather you can watch gannets dive bombing fish in the middle.