Lochan Sgeireach

Trout Fishing in Assynt - book cover

This is one of the lochs featured in a new book - Trout Fishing in Assynt: A Guide to 30 lochs - which gives you the best, local expert advice there is about fishing this loch. The booklet, which helps fund local angling, is available from Inverbank Newsagents, Lochinver.

Easily accessed from the viewpoint on the B869, this deep, clear, thin loch produces hard to catch but often large trout. Some exceptional fish have been taken here in recent years although it can take more than one visit to entice one to take!


OS Grid: NC072255
Decimal: 58.176085, -5.280263
Degrees: 58° 10' 33.906" N, 5° 16' 48.9468" W
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets

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Brown Trout fishing.

May 31st 2018 Evenfull day bright. Red throated divers still there. Two fish one 1lb half biggest 6half pound taken on a Conamara dabbled ,other CDC

Lochan Sgeirach - May 2014

Up to Loch Sgeirach next day....beautiful afternoon, no movement, fantastic looking loch, tried dry and wet.....no sign of fish but observed pair of red throated divers.
Posted on behalf of Mike A

Sgeirach Dour Again

A growing reputation for being dour it seems - fished for couple of hours to no avail. Not even a nice bushy muddler in the choppy waters could tempt anything.

8 June

Dour seems to be the word here. There was a cold east wind billowing across the water, but not a thing moving or biting. Yet, it was lovely to see a nesting red throated diver on the loch side - so still and calm, unlike the weather.


Very nice looking loch but could do with a boat, all the trout seemed to be rising right out in the middle of the loch, some big trout moving but all out of reach unfortunately ! Managed to land one trout of about a pound within the first half hour but nothing for the rest of the day ! Still had a great day in beautiful surroundings !


Dour for me too

I fished this loch 30th Sept in a very strong westerly and had no joy nor any sign of anything moving. Wind was swinging to the north so the temperature was dropping too. It's a lovely spot if you just have an hour or so to fish though. Will try a muddler next time!

Lochan Sgeireach

Although it may appear unlikely to those that do not know the boundaries, this loch is on land owned by the Assynt Estate, and that is why it is listed in A.A.G. literature. As a very rough guide, all of the land located to the south of the road there, is so owned. Assynt Crofter's Trust own all of the the land to the north side of the road. And you're right, it is dour, very dour, but the biggies are there. You have to persevere!!

From the Author.

Lochan Sgeireach

Dour indeed in the past for me, but during one of the windier days of last week, I landed a splendid fish of one and a half pounds on a large muddler - after that I was rained off with falling temperature and nothing moving.


Surely this loch is on the Assynt Crofters permit.
Man, it's dour !!

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