Loch a Choin (The Dog Loch)

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This is one of the lochs featured in a new book - Trout Fishing in Assynt: A Guide to 30 lochs - which gives you the best, local expert advice there is about fishing this loch. The booklet, which helps fund local angling, is available from Inverbank Newsagents, Lochinver.

On the 'mad wee road' south from Lochinver, this is in easy reach of the road. Not many, but excellent quality trout reside here in clear water. 2.5lbs is a nice fish but there are much bigger fish undoubtedly about.


OS Grid: NC084186
Decimal: 58.114735, -5.254237
Degrees: 58° 6' 53.046" N, 5° 15' 15.2532" W
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets

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Dog Loch - April 2017

After a long drive from Glasgow, we did some late afternoon fishing at the Dog Loch. It was a bit windy (coming from north-west) but the surrounding hills gave shelter on the northern bank. After about an hour moving slowly away from the 'road-side' of the loch we got a 3/4 lb brown trout (northeast corner of the lake, deeper spot by a cliff). Nice meal for one person!

We didn't get any fish today;

We didn't get any fish today; it definitely was a 'dog' to fish but it was a fun trip. The whole family was down and they loved it except for the fact that we caught no fish. My account receivable solutions job keeps me busy, gonna too long without any good catches. We will be making a trip to Achiltibuie lochs soon

Loch a Choin 27.8.16

Grabbed a couple of hours on the dog loch. One nice fish of a pound a half to a deer hair sedge. A few splashy rises but died when wind dropped. A large army of midges waited in ambush at the mooring on return.

Fishing The Dog Loch 18/8/2015

I think the name of the loch is well deserved, it was a dog to fish!
Had an after noon on the Dog (and the Cat). As a lot of the lochs in this area are, the water is deep straight off the bank. I had a drift that ran from the boat mooring straight down the loch which was just as well as the Pioneer boat shot across the surface without to much wind! Out of 4 fish caught only 1 was a "keeper". All were caught around or just past the big island. A very scenic loch with an easy walk from the road but given the amount of fishing there is up here I doubt I'd make the effort to do this loch again!.....(oh, and The Cat Loch......a complete waste of time, don't go there!!)

Dog Loch reply

Your four fish on the Dog Loch is good going on any day as it is not an easy one but the trout can be tremendous. Caught two here on 18th June, both over 1lb, with one about 2lb. Both on a Blue Zulu in a wave and cold wind, both returned - delighted with them!

The trout in the Cat tend to be smaller but it can be good on the right day.

Dog - May 2014

Visited Dog Loch (and Cat)...dour on Dog (3 times) but water looked very promising. Went to Achiltibuie lochs to restore my confidence on 3rd day (3 fish).
Mike A

Dog Loch

Had a few hours here late afternoon early evening yesterday (5th August) after a few essentials had dragged me down to Ullapool.Fished from the bank which was not ideal as most of the better fish were rising outwith casting range. Missed three rises to the dry fly from wee fellas - tired various tactics, but no fish caught. Other angler on the boat also failed to do anything. Midges were hellish!

Tight lines


26th July Dog Loch

No fish today but was close to where we were staying and perfect for biginner casting lessons as a good few points without heather to snag on!

Not such a dog ! 6th may 2010

Decided to try an afternoon on the "dog" loch as it's nice and close to the roadside and wanted an easy day ! Arrived about lunchtime, the wind was coming from the north east so it was a cold one but the sunny spells helped !
Fished a couple of drifts down the west arm of the loch but remained fishless until i drifted over the weed beds at the east end towards the islands, after several drifts into the east shore i ended up with 6 cracking brownies all beween 10oz and a pound and a quarter at best ! All returned to fight another day !
Great day on a cracking loch !
Well worth a cast !


Loch a Choin: 20 September 2009

As the "home lochs" within easy walking distance of where we were staying at Inverkirkaig, the Dog and Cat Lochs were an obvious first port of call for our week in Assynt.

Gale-force south-westerly winds made casting difficult, and I was probably restricted by not having booked a boat (then again, unless it's an manicured estate lake, I'd rather stalk the shorelines and preserve the illusion of first discovery...)

Result: a blank afternoon on both Dog and Cat lochs, with only three little splashy tweaks to a reddish Wyatt-pattern deer hair sedge on the south-western edge of Cat. Put this one down to a learning experience!


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