Culkein Stoer / Rubh 'an Dunain (Dunan Point)

Care is needed along to the point and if fishing from the rocks - waves can easily sweep right over. It is also a very rocky location and you can lose a lot of tackle. It can however be prolific.


OS Grid: NC042340
Decimal: 58.250978, -5.338336
Degrees: 58° 15' 3.5208" N, 5° 20' 18.0096" W

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Big Pollack....& lots of them

Stop in parking space near old tractor before you go down the hill into Culkein. You will have a clear view of the beautiful bay....Cross road & head along the coast, you will cross a small burn..keep going about 300yards then head down a natural pathway to the rocks (not for small kids) forms a perfect area for standing spinning....The Pollack are big up to 10lbs & loads of them. When i first tried with my son the fish were jumping out the sea chaing the lures....its deep here but you can reel in quickly as fish are abundant...I asked some locals & they said that area had not been fished for fishing either side of high tide....We fished at dusk when tide was going down & still got big fish on almost every cast....last year in July 2 basking sharks were in bay for over 1hr & they came within 20 yards of can oftem regularly shoals of mackerel chasing small fish. I you have access to a boat you cant miss as the area is both sheltered & perfect for jigging with feathers...Coalie, cod, pollack, mackerel, wrasse & very occasionally haddies.

Well worth a try

Culkein Point 19/8

Bundles of mackerel seemed to be about on the more choppy sea - it had been flat calm for a week. Caught 3 on first cast, 2 on second, 15 in total in about 20 mintues on feathers and lure (the ever trusty Dexters wedge). Lost a set of feathers and spinner. Then it seemed to die off.

May 31st Culkein

Lots of coley at high tide last night, a handful of pollack. Highlight though was a pod of porpoises swimming and diving just off shore - they must had all the mackerel!

Sea fishing, 200 yards short of natural arch from Culkein Bay

Never very deep even at high tide & lots of seaweed. But hit a shoal of large Pollack. Got 5 big ones over 8 lbs each, also got loads of small coalies & mackerel. Spot didnt look inviting but if you are careful you wont lose gear. I was only spinning using 25 - 30 grams lures on 10lbs line. Caught the biggies at just gone high tide, they must have been following small fish. Went out on boat the next day & hit a shoal of mackies, fantastic sport & great eating done in oatmeal. If you are going to eat the mackies leave the fillets 1 day til theyfirm up then fry coated in oatmeal...

Rigs and Lures


I am going up in a couple of weeks and wondered what the best ris and lures were for the pollock?

Caught a few pollack and

Caught a few pollack and mackerel there last year, but later on in the year and nothing anywhere near that size! It's very easy to lose tackle there - I did so your tip is useful, thanks. You do have to be a bit careful on the rocks with high tides so not ideal for youngsters. Nice cooking hints :-)