Bagh an t-strathain (Strathan)

A short drive south of Lochinver, this is reputed to be a good point acessing the entrance to the Lochinver harbour. Access can be rugged and some of the slopes steep. As ever care is needed when fishing from rocky shorelines.


OS Grid: NC081217
Decimal: 58.142403, -5.261863
Degrees: 58° 8' 32.6508" N, 5° 15' 42.7068" W

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Pollock & Mackerel

Just got back from two weeks in the area. I fished most low waters at this point and hooked Pollock on most outings. These were in the kelp and took most times right under the rod tip.
I fished a blue rubber eel on a jig head and also a silver eel metal spinner. Fish were taken between 2 and 4lb and made a good account of themselves.

I also fished down in Lochinver harbour almost every high water for ther usual abundance of Mackerel. However I never even had a bite which obviously meant the dissapearence of the ususal shoals encountered this time of year.
Even the deals looked as if they new we would not be taking any fish.


Fished here a couple of years ago at rising tide and cast for over two hours at a roaming shoal of Mullet but without success. Tried large white flies and also bread. I am sure they were laughing at me.