Loch a Ghilnne Sgoilte

As with Loch Bad na Murichinn


OS Grid: NC107193
Decimal: 58.122002, -5.215830
Degrees: 58° 7' 19.2072" N, 5° 12' 56.988" W
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets


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  • Anything other anglers should be aware of - access, reeded up waters, difficulties etc.

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Only the deer for company

Used the boat to get to the far end of Bad na Muirichinn and fished the two nearest hill lochs. Lots of small trout which came enthusiastically to anything fished on the surface.

Small but perfectly formed

Fished this as part of walk starting at Bad na Muirichinn [NB your spelling slightly out on this] then to the small lochan to south west and finishing here. Sunny day but lots of small trout willingly coming to fly. Very small - even smaller than average! - but perfectly formed. Would like to do the whole chain through to Fionn sometime.

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