Loch Na Gruagaich

Park by the A837 next to Loch Awe and follow the path at the northern edge of Loch Awe (also a way up Canisp).

You get the occasional salmon coming through and there's lots of trout (usual flies - Zulu, Invicta and a Goldhead work well).

From here head up the hill west to Loch Na Saighe Duibhe, which can be reedy later in the year, and then to the collection of unnamed lochans north west of Cnoc an Leathaid Buidhe. These tend to be small but beautiful trout, though one of them has larger specimens...


OS Grid: NC244160
Decimal: 58.098054, -4.981116
Degrees: 58° 5' 52.9944" N, 4° 58' 52.0176" W
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets


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Fishing after heat wave

I had a few hours here after the heat of the summer had abated. Warning signs of scrub fires dotted about the dry moorland.

It was hard going and all the favourite stillwater traditionals failed. Eventually i changed to slim/epoxy buzzers which accounted for about 6 fish up to a pound.

I've been here a few times as a love the hill lochs around this area, the majesty of the scenery is wonderful. Every time i've visited i've seen large fish right in the middle jumping clear of the water, but way out of casting range unfortunately.


Fished the east shore from one end to the other, nice conditions on a Saturday afternoon, a wee breeze to keep the midges away and a few daddies landing on the water, but despite this I never saw a fish rise in 3hrs!
Returned 3 little ones, 6-7" pretty little fish, taken on a Zulu.
Loch Na Saighe Duibhe, further up, gave far more action, although also all small.
Underfoot is very boggy.


Spent 30mins on it in very windy conditions, on the way back to the car after fishing some Lochs further up.
Returned one quarter pounder and lost a couple similar (on a 12 Zulu). Pretty little loch must visit again in better conditions.

Loch Na Gruagaich 18 May 2012

Fished Loch Na Gruagaich in a cool north easterly - very slow and only 2 fish in 2 hours between the four of us so moved up to Loch Na Saighe Dubh where things were quite different...

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