Loch Dubh

Take the Achmelvic road from the B869 taking the track on the left at NC072248. Head down to the small bridge over the end of Loch Roe and park near Loch Dubh.

With steep sides and wooded shoreline it can be difficult bank fishing but historically this deep loch has held some good fish.


OS Grid: NC073243
Decimal: 58.165368, -5.277574
Degrees: 58° 9' 55.3248" N, 5° 16' 39.2664" W
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets


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Fished from a float tube in

Fished from a float tube in very good conditions (South Westerly).

Tried pulling wets, dries, sunk lures with only one micro trout throwing itself at a sedgehog and missing.

No other fish showed at all.

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