Loch Braigh a' Bhaile

As with Loch Thornaid.


OS Grid: NC068235
Decimal: 58.157977, -5.285396
Degrees: 58° 9' 28.7172" N, 5° 17' 7.4256" W
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets


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  • Anything other anglers should be aware of - access, reeded up waters, difficulties etc.

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Braigh a bhaile

I'm new to fishing but enjoying it hugely. Fished here in August and the only interest i received was one at 20inches. An absolute beaut and a real pleasure. It is back in the loch- so there are certainly fish in there.

Ardroe Lochs 15.5.11

Quite windy, quite cold and absolutely no sign of any fish in either of the two lochs I tried - Loch Braigh a' Bhaile and Nan Gobhar. Probably having their Sunday rest.

Ardroe lochs

Cracking waters to fish but appear fishless! that was until my last cast on loch nan gobhar.I noticed many waterboatmen so i put an imitation on and caught the trout of a lifetime of at at least two and a half pounds.This was carefully returned to give another angler the thrill it gave me.Need a boat on loch dubh!!!!

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