Loch na hi-Uidhe Doimhne

Loch na hi-Uidhe Doimhne is a long, thin and in places deep loch that can be windswept and dour at times. It is a bit of a walk in - either from the Clachtoll peat track at NC044270 or from the Stoer peat track at NC040295 - and is best fished as part of a day among the myriad lochs here.

Work along the north western shore and round the bays and the northern end of the loch is sometimes more productive. It can produce nice fish around the pound mark but also lots of smaller trout.

Loch Poll Dhaidh, north east from the end of na hi-Uidhe Doimhne, is a large loch with lots of small, but beautiful trout and good for some sport if the day has been hard work. Don't ignore some of the shallower and smaller lochans around.


OS Grid: NC067286
Decimal: 58.203663, -5.291321
Degrees: 58° 12' 13.1868" N, 5° 17' 28.7556" W
Fishing details: Assynt Crofters' Trust
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets


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Loch na h-Uidhe Doimhne and Lochan Ruadh June 2019 (HD)

I previously have not tried these Lochs because of the long walk in, so this year I decided to investigate them with the aid of an e-bike. I have a folding e-bike which fits in my car's boot, and although it is classed as a Cross-City bike I thought I would give it a go on the Stoer Peat road which leads up to Loch na h-Uidhe Doimhne. The start of the track was smooth - until I passed the water treatment works, then it reverted to its original state - OK for a Land Rover or a Tractor or a Mountain bike, but a bit rough for my bike. However it got me there and back safely. There was a NE wind blowing down Loch na h-Uidhe Doimhne, so I worked my way down the East Bank to the small island, but had no luck. So I hiked across to Lochan Ruadh and tried around it - but again, no luck. I came back to Doimhne and tried the shallower end to the North East - and hooked a tiddler. That was my last success, even after trying a bit of the West Bank. I gave up around 9pm.

June 20

3 fish in 3 casts at na hi-Uidhe Doimhne, all on dry red sedge, then went dead quiet as wind changed to the east. One of 3/4lb, a very nice yellow bellied specimen. Try the narrows at far end... Several others fishing today, all catching fish up to half pound.

loch na h uidhe doimhne & surrounding lochans

Pete Dognobbler 11 fish some just on the pound mark, home tied shuttle cock buzzer was the killer fly. Gspot only had 4 the soldier palmer being the favoured fly. large fish seen in Loch Dubh, long walk home from Lochan Ruadh. need to rest before next big walk on Thu. Met poacher Mat who was a late starter today!! cheers Graham

1st June

Guess I'm the late starting poacher Mat as I met Gspot and Dognobbler as I arrived near here. Fished four or five lochs during afternoon, catching one pounder and quarter and one three quarter on a sedge, and one half on a Grouse and Claret under glare of afternoon sun. Thanks for the fly, by the way!

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