Unnamed lochans near Clashnessie

A collection of small lochans an easy walk in from Clashnessie that make a great day out.

The lochans vary in size and fruitfulness, but there are some giants among the hills along with lots of average sized fish.

Park by Clashnessie Bay and follow the burn that runs SE/NW up from the road. There's a couple of old peat tracks, then cut across country and past another loch to get to this. Make it part of a day around the numerous lochans in this area.

The large loch with prominentary has some big trout as well as lots of smaller ones and a couple of the smaller lochs nearby also hold good fish.


OS Grid: NC073307
Decimal: 58.222756, -5.282870
Degrees: 58° 13' 21.9216" N, 5° 16' 58.332" W
Fishing details: Assynt Crofters' Trust
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets


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Clashnessie lochans

Fished these for an hour or two on July 7th 2012. Variable, light breezes dropping to calms. Midges a nuisance! Several small fish plus to dry flies (Claret Hopper, Adams) and one of about 14 oz. Enchanting, wild wee lochs. Some are largely or wholly weeded, but the larger ones quite fishable.

Unnamed lochans near Clashnessie - Loch an Easain - July 16th 09

Access. Park at beach, walk up past 'phone box and post box, follow signed 'footpath to the waterfall' but head off uphill, to the left, before you reach the 'fall.
Hot and sunny with a light breeze from the sea. Fished 5 - 6 p.m. and landed several nice pan-sized fish (all returned).
Flies used: dry #12's Black Pennel and Kate McLaren. Started at waterfall and fished the north side to the first narrow, where a golden eagle took off from the rocks there!...quite spectacular, and a big bonus to a nice hours fishing.
WARNING: the flats between the fingers of rock, which look sandy and firm are NOT! Walk around them. I sank up to my knees and nearly lost my boots!
Louis, from the Scottish Borders.

w/b July 29th

Fished a few of these one day earlier this week. Got 5 - all pretty small bar one of a pound - on one loch, but nothing on the others. Pretty much died at about 7pm.

End of season on small lochans

Fished these lochans on the 3rd of september. Nice surprise on one of them with a good 3/4 lb rising on a dry grey Adams and then fighting like a devil. Been again yersterday, the 13th of september, on a very wet day : one fish broke my dropper just after hooking on the same lochan and I got four around 10-11 inches in another one, all with wet flies (irish brown dabblers). Nice feeling of remoteness.
Jérôme D. (please excuse my english, I'm a french fisherman...)

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