Maiden Loch

A roadside loch on the B869 just before you reach Clahtoll from Lochinver.

A good one for beginners or if you fancy a few casts once you have got down, with lots of average sized trout.

Take care at the north west end which has power cables and head through to Loch na h-Airighe Bige.

Otters have been seen here in recent years.


OS Grid: NC050266
Decimal: 58.184982, -5.318522
Degrees: 58° 11' 5.9352" N, 5° 19' 6.6792" W
Fishing details: Assynt Crofters' Trust
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets


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got a surprise

i have fished this loch many times during the last 5 years ,as my first day up at loch inver ,as after a 5 and half drive up .i always start with a visit to a roadside loch .last year in september i caught my biggest trout from maiden loch ,a nice one just under the 1lb mark and loads of 8oz to 10oz,always fish point fly blue teal,dropper 1 olive bumble and a muddler ,when theres a chop on water a small black muddler deadly,night mare when midges are about.

Black Pennel scorned

I usually find that a Black Pennel is a never-fail fly on most of the Assynt lochs, but in the evening of 28th May 2015 it failed on the Maiden Loch. I fished on the road side from where the loch narrows, round towards the Lochinver end. I maintained a Black Pennel on my cast throughout, but the three fish I landed, and returned, (from about 4 to 12 oz) all took a Clan Chief or a Blue Zulu. Clearly the Maiden Loch trout like fancy flies.

Maiden Loch

June 2012, 2 rods fished for 40mins; about a dozen trout to 8oz just fished small section of water between reeds and road at north end. Perhaps not that over fished!

I made the overfished comment

I made the overfished comment last September, and am back in Assynt again. I tried the spot at the north-west end, which I think is maybe where you had success. I landed a nice trout with the first cast,and thereafter had several offers. Then I moved to the easy casting positions beside the road just where the burn exits the loch - and touched nothing. It looks like there may be well educated trout at the most convenient spots.

Maiden Loch

I fished the north end by the road side for about an hour in the evening in early September (2011). Not a nibble! I suspect that end, close by the road side is overfished.

27th July

Having come down form the hills because of strong winds this was a welcome loch offering sheltered bays - lost a bite, and then saw nothing more...

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