Loch Cul Fraoich

A magical loch, especially in the evening or early morning - Cul Fraioch is difficult but rewarding. It can be very dour and even when 'on' the trout can be hard to catch. However, they are high quality, with deep pink flesh and there are some specimens of around 3lb caught every year.

There is a boat located at the northern end (NC335023).

Overcast days are best and often the evening is the time to head up here.

Go through Culkein and park on the track that leads up to the loch, but beware of heading along the track as it can be diffficult to park and is rough in places.


OS Grid: NC025330
Decimal: 58.241252, -5.366398
Degrees: 58° 14' 28.5072" N, 5° 21' 59.0328" W
Fishing details: Assynt Crofters' Trust
Permit details: £5/day, £25/week from usual outlets


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Cul Fraioch

Have fished this many times over the last 10 yrs or so with numerous blanks.
Have had some success but quite what brought about the success is hard to pinpoint. Afternoons seem to have been better and I’ve had luck with flies with a bit of green on them .
It is a imo a really beautiful atmospheric loch and I’ll always give it ago.
Back up May 2019.

Fishing after heat wave

I went several times in september following the worst of the heatwave, i was surprised to see everything so dry! I can only assume that the heat affected the fishing, as i went here several times and blanked!

Loch Cul Fraioch 19.6.17

Couple of hours in cold, windy and bright conditions, which are far from ideal for this loch. Absolutely nothing showing and not so much as a take (two of us fishing). Dour!

Cul Fraoich 15th June 2017

Followed advice that this loch fishes best morning and evening, and fished here from 9pm to 11pm. Caught a nice trout of around half a pound on an Invicta retrieved quickly, from the peninsula near the north shore. The fish jumped out of the water 6 times during the fight!

Cul Fraioch - May 2014

Shot over to Cul Fraoich on Stoer for 5th day, midges hatching and fish on top in light wind. Went to upwind southerly bank and had three fish up to half a pound. Decided to look over to Drum Beg, different kind of water an three boats out, plenty of small fish activity. Headed back to Cul Fraoich for the afternoon evening rise ! Very little wind now....walked around the furthermost bay to the westerly shore and got amongst some lovely 1 - 2lb fish close in at margins.....one offer on black gnat which I missed and got in a right tangle, by which time fish had passed me by. Dead calm now and several good fish topping 35 yards out. Magical Loch !

And that was it... Definitely going back !

Posted on behalf of Mike A

Cul Fraioch 25th May 2013

A cold wind which then died suddenly didn't help. One small trout to show for 3 hours in the evening.

Sometimes it's just worth a go!

Friday 16th Sept. Tonight proved that sometimes it's just worth a punt even in the most unlikely conditions. Had a couple of hours from about 6pm and nearly didn't bother as the wind and rain lashed against the car windscreen. Wandered up to Cul Fraioch from the Raffin side and fished the south shore. Tricky casting in strong gusty winds, cold and darkening skies. But a belting two hours fishing!

6 caught all around the pound mark (kept one for the table as these trout taste great and clearly a very healthy population in here). Five caught on a small bibio-like muddler on the point wobbled through the waves on a figure of 8. Moved every few casts and nothing for the first half hour... then regular powerful takes. Probably just as well as it pretty tricky to see the fly in the gloom - one fish appeared to jump right out of the water and dive down onto the fly. Sometimes they do give you a hand!

It was a bit of a tatty fly anyway and was really coming to bits after 5 fish had chewed it but this may have helped - it looked more like a hopper by the end the amount of 'legs' trailing a wake. One on middle dropper claret bumble.

Given how tricky this loch can be to fish, this was probably the most productive two hours ever had here. A great way to end the season.

21st June

Two 3/4lb trout from the boat, but very close in to shore. Rose couple of others but pretty dour for this time of year, not helped by dropping temperatures. Several float tubers out tonight who may have done better?

Cul Fraoich 25th May 2011

Fished here from 19:00 to 21:15. Caught a 10oz fish on a Peter Ross early on and hooked another of about the same size on an Orange Invicta but lost it. Both were taken from the East Bank. The first fish appeared to have been eating midge larvae. Conditions were cloudy with a northerly wind. I'll be back tomorrow to give it another go.

Cul Fraoich 26th May 2011

I did manage to get back on the 26th, again from 19:00 to 21:00. The wind was blowing a very strong north-westerly with white-caps on the waves, it was raining and cold. I fished the south-west bank. I took a 10oz fish on a Peter Ross and hooked another but lost it. At least I had something to justify the madness of going out in the weather. Interestingly, the fish I caught the previous night had white flesh and the other had pink. Both tasted great.

Small trout in a gale19.5.11

Went up after 7pm and fished the southern shore which was the only place to get a line out in what was an increasing gale. Waves were literally crashing against the far shore. It was cold too. Amazed to get a couple of small ones, on a claret bumble, middle dropper. Had a much better take too, but they're tricky blighters here. Frozen fingers and rain drops like bullets so called it a day just before 10.

Cul Fraioch August 17th

Arrived at about 7pm and battled through the quite frankly awful midgies which were bad even for here to get the boat out. Rowed like a demon to escape them into the middle of the loch and to where there was a semblance of breeze remaining.

Very calm, but lots of rises. Rose 3 to the fly and caught two more in the remaining ripple. One on a small dry black gnat; one on a small emerger pattern. First fish (about 3/4lb) went mental, leaping all over the show and put up a fantastic fight; the second came more easily to the boat. The loch became an enchanting mirror (but hopeless fishing) and then went dead. Nothing as queer as trout.

Fished on Friday 2nd July (4 anglers)

Very difficult in bright sunshine and gale force S.W.wind. Success eventually came using a Loch Ordie on 4lb double strength nylon. Judging by the well trodden banks this is a much fished Loch and perhaps the fish are a little wised up !!

Fished one afternoon, fish

Fished one afternoon, fish few and far between. Very good large silver sedge hatch though. One hooked and lost at the net estimated at 3lb though.

12 June

Fished late - 10pm to midnight - in dying wind. Caught one almost silver 3/4 pounder on muddler and hooked one on deer hair sedge as calm water bubbled in the faded light around southern shore.

Cul Fraioch end of July

I fished this loch several times at the end of July, mainly in float tube.

I found the oar from the boat on the far shore and returned it to the boat.
The boat and surrounding track had several empty tins of carlsberg littering.
Some folk..presumably who rented the boat from you....need to grow up.

I caught a lot of fish and returned all, except two, each of a pound.
The best was two pounds.
There are bigger there.
Dry flies best ( at this time.)

25th July

Squally wind.
Rose four, caught one of three quarters, from bank.

Cul Fraoich 23rd July

Almost flat calm conditions. Lots of Buzzer shucks on the water and few adults in the air. Covered three rising fish with drys, took two on Yellow Owl Shuttlecock and one on Suspender Buzzer. Fish were 13", 13" and 17", had to chuck it early midges were biting better than the fish.
Great water well worth a visit.
Note, not a difficult walk from road, 200yards max.


Cul Fraoich 21th July

Fished early evening in a strong SW wind. Took two fish around 9.5" on a Silver Muddler FI line. Wind got up and I took a nice fish also on the muddler of 14.5" and dropped what I think was a bigger fish moments later. Had to throw in the towel at this point as casting was impossible due to wind.


Cul Fraoch 5-8th July

As one of the four float tubers I can say we had the best few days(nights?) sport since first fishing it 3 years ago. By successful I mean I had around 6 fish up to 15" on Deer Hair Sedges & Sedgehogs for four evenings. One of our group had fish to 18" and saw a fish which he first noticed as two 'pyramids' in the water till they moved - he tried to catch it but it just moved away - a really big fish. I think the wind really helped, previously we fished in much calmer conditions with less success, though we've all had the obligatory 'dustbin lid' boil at our flies.

Cul Fraioch 6.7.09

Cloud, wind and first colder day for ages. Headed up around 10pm for an hour and a half to find 10 other anglers there, including 4 in float tubes! Never seen more than two here at once. A few fish moving and had a few takes but caught nothing. The fish tend to nibble at or play with the fly rather than a full on take, which keeps you on your toes! Apparently the float tubers fared better later on in the night and the odd monster was spotted cruising...

Cul Fraoich 1st July

Fished here from about 8pm-10pm on Wednesday 1st July. Baking hot and precious little wind meant it was very hard work - caught one small one but by 10pm you could have used the loch as a mirror. And by then the midges were outand about in force. Took some nice snaps though (how do I upload those?) and it was fun watching the gulls, terns and bonxies squabbling with each other...

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